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Donut Ball Stretcher Weight

Donut Ball Stretcher Weight

Product Review (submitted on June 23, 2013):
Purchased the wrong size. Customer Service stepped in and helped me get this corrected. The weight is very comfortable and has just the right about of tug.
Wore it all day today (along with a "Stubby" penis plug I also bought from Chain Gang). Took my sweetie shopping at the mall. Had loose pants and a long shirt on to hide what was going on down there. It was fine while shopping for her clothes, but when she had me trying on stuff, the sales lady kept looking down there and smiling at us both a whole lot.

Both the ball weight and penis plug are still on and very comfortable. Feels great.

I'm so glad I thought to put on a condom before we left the house. The pre-cum would have been visible for sure. :)

Great products and first class Customer Service.