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Big Ballin Curved Barbell

Big Ballin Curved Barbell

Product Review (submitted on February 29, 2012):
The product: Absolutely awesome. I got the 3/4 inch balls just to see something different in my PA, and the wife can't keep her hands off of it.

The service: I was updated every step of the way. No need to keep checking the recent order screen in your account settings, I received an email when it was purchased, being manufactured, underwent a quality review and lastly when it shipped. I also asked for discreet packaging and on the customs form (They ship APO!) it said "retainers".

The past few days: I'm not totally used to the giant 3/4 inch balls with a 7/8 inch 8 gauge bent barbell, so my piercing was swore after the first 48 hours (especially after the "deeds"). But I have gotten used to it. I run 2 mils a day with it in and as long as you have a good set of briefs on I don't even notice it.

Conclusion: Best product I have used. I think I am going to go smaller wit the next purchase though.