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Double Captive Circular Barbell (s)

Double Captive Circular Barbell (s)

Product Review (submitted on February 29, 2012):
I have got the product this last week. It has a small click in the small rings and they tend to come undone easily. I have tightened the rings and they are working better. The click in the divot is small and is not great bu,t not worth returning either.

I have however found that I made a miss take in that I thought that the small ring size was the only size difference that I could order. So I thought the big ring was a set size and the 14g was the small ring only? My fault So I will be ordering a new one later on with a 10g large ring and 14g small rings. With a width of 1 1/8.

Your stuff todate has been great and I see this small issue as one for you to know about for your company's benefit not a ranting customer.

Have a great Day, Doug H.