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2 Piece Ball Stretcher Weight

2 Piece Ball Stretcher Weight

Product Review (submitted on April 13, 2013):
Alright, here's what improvements I'd like to see. If these were to be addressed, I would totally re purchase the weight.

Firstly, I love how one side has a pin and the other, the hex bolt to secure and tighten. I'd like to see a larger bolt with larger threading to be used. If you were to strip the micro threading- being used currently, well, you're screwed. So, larger diameter bolt and threading.

Secondly, I would like to see a more anatomical edge used. I see that there are other weights sold here that address this issue, but not in the weight I graduated to. I still have to use a silicone collar between the weight and my nuts.

So, in short, a fantastic weight, just two simple modifications and its perfection.