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Cock Lock Intruder

Cock Lock Intruder

Product Review (submitted on February 29, 2012):
For those of you out there that have been reading and wondering its time to take the plunge. I want to thank World Traveler and a few others that took the time to write about their experiences. After reading and wondering I finally did, and got plugged. When I made the initial purchase, I also ordered the next ball up and can't wait to order the other two balls, oh what joy. The ball that comes with it when you make the original purchase of the Cock Lock Intruder easily pops out, so go ahead and start your sizing up when you make your purchase, the bigger the better and what a joy and full feeling you receive from the Intruder. I would never have though that I would have found the Intruder so enjoyable, but it truly provides a full feeling and massages the prostate as you wear it. I can't wait to wear it under my clothes in public, what a great little secret .

So guys go ahead and that the plunge to get plugged.