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Surgical Steel Circular Barbell

Surgical Steel Circular Barbell

Product Review (submitted on February 29, 2012):
Initially, after looking online for about two years for a triple zero circular barbell for my PA and seeing the pricing, I was disappointed and had decided that simply I was not going to be able to afford this size ring and would need to stick with the double zero that I currently was using. sniff. (but I kept searching:)

I stumbled onto The Chain Gang site, and did not see the size ring that I wanted on the site - it was not to be found, so I wrote is to see if indeed TCG carried it, and was told that they did and the pricing. Then, one day I found the item "on sale" and proceeded to purchase it.

I gotta' say that I LOVE this ring!
When I first got it, it seemed a bit large, but I have quickly after only one week of having it in, gotten used to the larger size, and believe now that I could have gone right to the quad zero 3/4" ring, but it is something for me to look 4ward to getting in the future! yay :-)
This ring has a very good weight to it that I like too.

There is one thing that I noticed about the ring right away, and that's that the balls are inverted at the ends, as well as the "screw" being a bit thicker, which is good. The balls themselves screw on OVER the ring at each end-this helps with stability, but as well it was pointed out to me by Russ, who is the Customer Service mngr for TCG, that this is good (and it makes sense) for there being less of a bacterial issue while using the ring, especially when being used for the genital area...

Customer Service with TCG has been excellent and these folks know what they are doing, and I will definitely order from them again in the future! I have already told a few peeps about TCG and recommended the store...

In all, I am very satisfied with this purchase and TCG!
Thanks guys :oP