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Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug

Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug

Product Review (submitted on December 21, 2012):
After trying a 6mm of a different style (too small) and coming to the conclusion that the 8mm was too big, I anted-up one more time for the 7mm. Getting it in the first time was very uncomfortable - even slightly painful. I thought I was in for trouble as the plug was even more difficult to get out. After a few deep breaths and a little wincing I did manage to get it out; surprisingly there was very little irritation and what there was passed within the hour. The second time around there was a little resistance, a very slight discomfort and then it just "popped" in. I've had it in for a couple of hours now; hopefully getting it out will be a bit easier this time too.

I feel that the "shoulder" length is too long as I find I need to push it back in all the time. Urinating was OK - just expect some "leakage" around the plug; haven't tried cumming with it in yet.