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Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher Weight

Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher Weight

Product Review (submitted on December 13, 2012):
Dear Friends -

You usually ask for feedback on an order.
I'm going to take the initiative on this one.

I received the Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher Weight today, and it is a really great device. I've had it on for several hours, and it is comfortable and fun to wear.

However, there are some of us guys who are larger than the average man - not a brag, just a fact. This device was very difficult for me to put on. I really had to squeeze my testicles hard to get them through the second ring. Finally
did it with lots of lube and a fair amount of pain. The pain isn't the issue, but rather the effort involved.

Also, of course, the device serves as a penal constrictor. Fun - but for someone like me, this is probably more of a "torture toy" than you intended.

I would suggest that if this item "catches on" (as I believe it will), you should investigate the possibility of manufacturing a second, somewhat larger option than what you're currently offering. I for one would gladly order it.