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Replacement Parts

What Are Replacement Parts?

Replacement parts for your jewelry pieces are additional screws, balls, shafts and other parts you can use when you lose the originals. These replacement parts come in handy if you break or lose the original jewelry parts. They allow you to keep your jewelry pieces or even to make them look brand new.

What Can Be Ordered as a Replacement Part?

Many different jewelry parts can be ordered as replacement. First and foremost, those are various beads and balls for your rings and barbells. Many of them even contain gems so they are shiny and very attractive. Other replacement parts include shafts for various types of barbells, as well as numerous screws for various jewelry pieces.

Do I Need Replacement Parts?

While it may seem like you don’t need any replacement parts, keep in mind that accidents happen. You never know when you might lose a bead on your ring or bend the shaft on your favorite barbell. Instead of throwing away your jewelry piece you can save it with the help of replacement parts.