Rapid Fire Penis Plug

The Rapid Fire Penis Plug is a powerful urethral toy made for intense experience. It includes absolutely sensational balls that will give you that extra something. You can go fast to achieve that rapid arousal or you can use this plug for a slow buildup. The choice is yours and this penis plug will never fail you!

The Rapid Fire Penis Plug is a specially designed urethral toy made for quick arousal, although you may use it to go slowly.

This plug includes 14 sensational balls of fun made to hit all the right spots, so we are sure you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.

The plug is over 4 ½” long and it starts out at 8mm (5/16”), working its way to almost 12 mm (1/2”) of pure pleasure.

The plug is made of highly polished Surgical Steel and it’s both beautiful and very sensual.

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