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PS4 Penis Plug


Quick Overview

The PS4 Plug is a premium urethral toy made for the most sensual experience. This plug is specially designed to hit all the right spots. You will love the feeling and intensity this penis plug can provide!

PS4 Penis Plug

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The PS4 Plug is specially designed to be long enough to truly satisfy you. It also has special, deep grooves made for additional stimulation and stability. The grooves are made to hold the weight of the 3/4" ball without a problem.

This plug is about 3 ¼ inches long, and it provides 2 ½ inches of insertable length. The width starts out at 6mm in size and it increases to almost 11mm, so it will sure satisfy you.

Product Questions

Website says diameter is almost 11mm for this PS4 penis plug but after reading reviews it is compared to the Torpedo as 12mm.

What is the true. Diameter for the PS4 plug?


Customer Reviews

Awesome Review by Hank

This is the second Penis Plug I have ordered. I misplaced my first one .. and missed it. A great product. My first one took awhile to finally get in. However, there is that awesome sensation when it pops in. Now the sensation is still there but goes in easily. It also stays in and feels great!

(Posted on 10/9/18)

Loving this plug Review by Bruce

After reading other reviews, I was skeptical about ordering due to the problems many mentioned of removing it.
My experience was that it went in easily and removal was difficult. If it weren't difficult, it would come out while wearing (obviously).

I found that removing the piece while urinating was the easiest. The pressure of the urine opens the canal and allows you to pull it out with very little effort and a very minor discomfort.
I love this piece!

(Posted on 12/27/15)

verry good Review by Willem

lovely product no problem putting it in but out is an other matter look forward to it in a few days and than i will taper the edge down a bit fore comfi take out no problem

(Posted on 6/7/15)

Updated review Review by Glen

To update my previous review, this is now one of my favorites. I can take it out with no problem at all and wear it for days in total comfort. It always gives that feeling that it there which is something I think we all enjoy. The torpedo plug helped make this plug fit better. The torpedo is also 12 mm but the taper is not as drastic. There was some discomfort early on using the torpedo but it was not as scary as removing the PS four was. The torpedo is also a current favorite. I usually switch back-and-forth between these two. I love the weight of the PS four while sometimes I can forget the torpedo is actually in! Now I am one of those who would love to see a 13 mm version with additional length. I Highly recommend this plug to all that are ready for it.

(Posted on 4/22/15)

Perfect Weight Review by Donald

I love this toy. I love the weight of it once it's in. I can wear it for days on end with no problems at all. It definitely is not for beginners though. Anyone new to urethral play should start out with something smaller because once you get this in it's a bitch to get back out if you're not used to really stretching your hole open on a regular basis.

(Posted on 3/31/15)

I like the length but a larger diameter shift would be nice Review by TJ

I like the length but a larger diameter shift would be nice

(Posted on 1/20/15)

Great...but be careful Review by Glen

The good about the PS4 is it looks sexy as hell and I loved the look and feel of it. It was great to come through and urinate through. It did take a while before I was able to use it. I had to stretch a bit first. This brings me to a REAL warning. I advise that you are comfortable at 12mm and above before full insertion. I put it in shortly after sounding up to 12. I should have waited a bit and should have been comfortable at 12 but I rushed things a bit.
The end result was it took me 5 days to remove it. The good news was it felt good inserted and I had no problem wearing it that long. It did start to really worry me and concern me though. I was beginning to think I was going to have to get help removing it. Luckily I FINALLY got it out with a good deal of pain and a little bit of blood.
It will not be re-inserted until I can take a 12mm sound easily and maybe even a 13mm. I am not going through that again.
As I said, it really looks great and feels awesome with the weight of it and needless to say, it stays in place very, very well. Just be careful and be sure you are up to the size required before you fully insert it or you may regret it.

(Posted on 11/1/14)

nice Review by wp

Is alitle big but will fit in time thank you

(Posted on 6/12/14)

Great !! Review by M

Was a quick ship, Plug is very smooth and easy to insert ,with some lube. Looks great when in and the weight feels awesome when hanging ,it won't fall out , I prefer to leave the plug in.

(Posted on 1/9/14)

Good quality penis plug PS4 Review by Darrell

Very smooth high quality stainless steel that went in right away and is very comfortable. The shape allows you to wear it for a long time without it falling out. You can pretty much wear it all day since it has a thru hole for pissing throughout the day without talking it out.

(Posted on 12/30/13)

nicely made Review by Jim

Well made and finished. Easily used if a good lube is also used on insertion and withdrawal

(Posted on 6/11/13)

Mmmmmm YES! Review by Mr Jim

I was hesitant when I saw the almost identical item for more monies. The difference being surgical grade steel underneath and a subtle quality grade but not much more.
However, I have been training with Sounding rods and I was able to insert my PS4 immediately. It went right in. I love the feel of the weight swinging and pulling my cock longer, lower! A few hours later it was becoming sensitive in an uncomfortable way so I wanted to take it out. I had to pull a mighty bit but it did release and come out with a bit of wonderful momentary pain. I am so glad I bought this one! Now I'm already eyeing the Cock Topper for more weight. ;)

(Posted on 3/29/13)

Great Product! Review by Gardener

Great Product! Great Service. It took ony five days from order to insertion! I had no problem with the insetion, just a little resistance, then it popped right in. This may be because I have been wearing a 3/8 in Prince's Wand. The PW is not a public toy, but I can wear this plug in public with no problem. The folks who had problems with the Albert plug might want to try this one. The only quibble I have with the PS4 is that the external ball is not quite 3/4 in caliper indicates slightly less than .70 in rather than .75. Not a real big deal. All-in-all, a great new toy! Thanks.

(Posted on 1/28/13)

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