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Privacy and Security Guaranteed

At Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang we are aware of you're concerns about both your Security, and your Privacy when making a purchase online. Because of this, we have made a firm commitment to all types of security issues, as well as respecting and maintaining your privacy.
Hopefully this page will answer all of your questions regarding issues of Security, and privacy.
We want your experience here to be enjoyable and stress free.

Even though we do have a secure server we have also contracted a third party company to ensure that security.

  • GoDaddy and Starfield Technologies, Inc.
    These companies represent the largest Certificate Authority issuer in the world, and the suppliers of the Secure Certificate for as well. This enables us to provide you with 256-bit encryption and assures you that confidential information and transactions can never be viewed, intercepted or altered. Because their authentication system is the most advanced in the industry, you can be sure that these certificates are only issued to fully authorized recipients as In fact 93% of all fortune 500 companies have the same type of Secure Certificate as the one used at

Secure Server
We use a Secure Commerce Server, which encrypts all of the information that you type in to 256 bit encryption. You can safely enter your entire credit card number on our secure order form and it cannot be read or intercepted in transit, period.

Employee Security
Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang has various security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of user data under our control. The few employees who do have access to the databases that store user information have to pass a very strict security check with the Pasco County Sheriffs Department, as well as our standard background check done through the Pasco County Court System on all of our employees. They are also required to follow strict security guidelines that we have set in place. And in 16 years of business we have not had one single security related issue ever with any of our employees, past or present.

Our Personal Guarantee to You
Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang backs every credit card purchase you make with an additional guarantee to you. If as a result of your credit card purchase from us, there are unauthorized charges made, and your credit card company finds that the security breech was related to your purchase with us, then we will cover the first fifty dollars which is the highest amount that you can be held liable for of unauthorized charges on a credit card.

We respect your privacy
We will never give or sell any of your information or email address to anyone -- period.
When we send your order to you, we do not put any advertising on the box.
We do not use our company name in the Return address. So no one will know the contents of the package at all.
All information that you provide to us will only be used internally at Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang.

Easy Opt-Out of our Newsletters or Emails
We never force you to accept our emails. Although they are packed full of sales and discounts, you can opt-out of receiving communications from us at any time. Here are several different ways that you can do this;

  1. Unsubscribe in your account.
  2. Unsubscribe right from the bottom of our newsletter.
  3. Email us requesting to be removed.

Support on the Web Site

Your privacy concerns are extremely important to us, and that is the reason that we provide this privacy statement. If you have any further questions about this Web site, please visit our support department.

Support Home

Fax us: 1-727-489-6917

or Mail us:
Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang
P.O. Box 166
Vernon, Florida 32462

We hope that this has helped to reduce some of you concerns, and leaves you with a few less things to worry about.