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Prinzezepter Penis Plug


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Get the Prinzezepter Penis Plug and enjoy the eroticism of wearing it all day and experiencing all the waves of pleasure as you go about your daily routine with no one the wiser!

Prinzezepter Penis Plug

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Plug your hole with the Prinzezepter Penis Plug and enjoy the mind blowing erotic sensations that course through your body during urethral stimulation!

This beauty is made from 316L Surgical Steel and is 2 inches in total length and 1 1/2 inches insertable length, and is available in various diameters to get a great fit. The plug itself is hollow to allow normal passage for bodily fluids, however it has a removable screw in cap that can be removed for bodily functions without removing the whole plug, or it can be screwed in to prevent leakage whatever your preference. The screw in cap also has a small ring just to assist in removal, but is NOT a Glans Ring.

This is the perfect plug for all day wear, but also a fun little piece to use during your naughty play time as it will intensify your sexual stimulation and orgasms!

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Customer Reviews

Awesome Review by Johnjohn

I like this one allot. It stays in pretty well, but wants to come out when you pee. I ordered the 12mm size which I usually do. Probably should have gone up to 13mm because there is no glans ring. Or possibly a slightly longer more narrow space between the barrel and the ball. Bore hole is nice and large. Ring and plug are cool too. Still feels great!

(Posted on 11/8/18)

Looks great, fits great Review by MTS

Ordered the 12mm. With the use of a little lube able to work it in fairly easy. The ridges help keeps it in, not a problem at all with it slipping out. Have been wearing it now for a couple of days, only removing to clean it. Stays in well during the day without fear of falling out and also at night while asleep. It also stays put, and feels great during masturbation. The through hole allows all fluid to pass out.

Another real plus is the screw on ring. It works great using a crocodile clamp on the ring attached to my e-stim machine! It turns it into a perfect e-stim penis plug.

Lastly, it looks great on. The ball at the end adds just enough weight that it gives the penis a bit of a pull and a nice hang!

All in all one of the best I have now, which is about 15 different plugs. However, most are now to small to stay put.

(Posted on 11/6/18)

Good Quality, but Too Small Review by Bond007

To the Editor :
I ordered 9 mm size, Too Small
Have two this one an the screw in one, both too small, made wrong choice in sizes, on both

(Posted on 10/25/18)

Nice desighn Review by Hunter

A little rough to put in but once it's in the feeling is fantastic I wear mine all night

(Posted on 9/11/18)

Got more sizes! Review by Kenneth

I got the 11 mm size- it is just about perfect now. Have to stretch to get it in and work some lube in to get it out. Once in, it stays until I really want it out... it's functional... looks good... and no injury. Yes, it must come out periodically for cleaning, but one can go quite an interval with this, far longer than most.

Best long(er) session wear time plug here! Chastity fans may wish to take note.

It's kinda a unique feeling to have to remove the cap to pee, especially with no blow-by and having everything stay put.

(Posted on 8/9/18)

Fantastic design- need more sizes Review by Kenneth

Right away, let me say that the design features of this are just what I've looked for here for a long time. Short, fat, self-retain friendly upper design with visible ball at the top and a screw-in plug. The mid-body ridges increase grip inside the urethra. All clearly meant for longer-term practical wear.

I have not had any problem with sharp edges. Or the mid-body ridges. YMMV.

The product picture does not show an O-ring on the cap- the unit I received did have one. You cannot see that the center bore is wide- I was able to pee through with ease. Never seen a plug here with such a large diameter bore, with the exception of the Open ZZ, which has a much wider outer diameter.

The only thing not addressed- self-retain only happens if you are exactly at a range of 9mm-9.5mm. I'm at 10mm/10.5mm, and this works its way out.

Given the design, this thing would be super hot selling- on par with the Cock Screw- IF:

Sizes are available that cover 9-10-11-12mm. AND

You offer a glans ring with a bifurcated twin-hook end that will fit into the ring in the cap of the plug. The ring would disconnect and pivot away at the frenum joint to allow cap removal. I currently use the Sperm Stopper sold here with the ball sawed off to hook the cap ring, stopping the slide-out. However, this is a bit uneven with a slight pull to one side. Not fatal, but not ideal. You are missing the boat by not selling a purpose-made piece for this, just as you now sell different size glans rings with many plugs because you saw a need.

(Posted on 4/27/18)

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