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Prince Albert Wand with Door Knocker


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The sexy look of the Prince Albert Wand with Door Knocker is only one of the many benefits of wearing this baby, the erotic pleasures it also brings to the table will seal the deal and never leave you disappointed!

Prince Albert Wand with Door Knocker

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The Prince Albert Wand with Door Knocker will make a great addition to your Prince Albert piercing and add in the extra fun of a penis plug all in one piece! The entire piece is made of 316L Surgical Steel and is built with your pleasure in mind and is available in 3 sizes for the perfect fit. The hollow shaft of all the plugs are 4 inches in length and ribbed with varying diameters according to the size you select 8mms, 10mms, or 12mms. The plug has a screw in head or cap with a ring on the end, the screw in head is easily removable to allow you to wear the piece at length, you just unscrew the cap and you are good to allow fluids to pass through. And the ring on the end assist in removal and prevent over insertion, while also assisting in helping you to line the piece up correctly for your piercing. Once the plug is inserted you line the hole up with your piercing and screw in the stem through your piercing, the stem for this piece is 5/16" or 8mms in length once screwed in and 6mms in diameter or 2 gauge, and has a ball that attaches the 1 1/4 inch or 32mm Glans Ring/Doorknocker. Additional size Glans Rings are available. This baby offers so much erotic stimulation that it will soon become the favorite and most used piece in your collection!

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Product Questions

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Hi. Can you get a larger guage for the piercing hole? At least 0g.
Can you get this item gold plated or not

Customer Reviews

Awesome Review by Paul

I’m new to the Prince Albert. Only had one for a year. I’ve just upgraded to a zero gauge. I bought this wand on a whim. I’m so impressed. I thought the PA was heavy. This is massive. It fits comfortably. It takes a few minutes to get it inserted and secured and I expected that. Once in it’s comfortable and so sexy. The workmanship is great. I highly recommend this item.

(Posted on 3/10/18)

Great piece at a great price Review by Mikie50

Wanting a Wand was one of the reasons for getting my PA. The PA is at about 15 MM. The 12MM Wand is a good fit going in. If stretched out right, I can slide in a 13mm sound all the way to the bladder.
I have both this Wand and the “Cock Screw Prince Albert Wand”. Take notice that the threads on the attachments are the same on both Wands making them interchangeable. I will ware mine all day with very little problems. You can’t ware tight underwear with this in. Your parts need to rest sticking out some or the inserted end of the wand will rub very uncomfortably inside and you won’t have it in very long. With that said when you are out and about in public, the end of the wand sticks out and bulges in your pants. This is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5. Others are right about the doorknocker ring. Larger gauge and smaller ring. I fold it down so it is out of the way but the round ball is still there with about a half inch of the shaft of the wand sticking out. I added another tapped hole to the shaft for the gland ring stud. It is about half way between the original hole, and the end of the shaft. Now the end of the shaft ends at the end of my penis. Must be careful screwing the ball back on so things don’t get pinched. Much less profile this way. Also, I got the 1 1/4 inch glands ring. Too small for this 12MM Wand but with some work, it will work with the smaller dia. “Cock Screw Prince Albert Wand”. My parts are best considered “normal” to smaller, but get a 1 3/8’s or 1 ½” gland ring with a 12MM Wand.
All said, this is a great piece at a great price. Very happy with both of them but still need to get a bigger Glands ring for mine so I can use it hooked up the right way. The PA hole isn’t made to hold back the force of a Wand trying to get out.

(Posted on 3/9/18)

A magnificent piece of jewelry Review by Nick

I've wanted a prince's wand for 25 years. I wish I hadn't waited so long.
This is one of the hottest pieces I've ever worn. I slept with it in last night . It was great. Beautifully made. Takes a few tries to get it right, but when you do...
Wore it and gently vac pumped - had the glans ring up and it got very tight. Pretty amazing.

(Posted on 12/7/17)

Follow up 8/9/17 review Review by Ivan

I have continued to wear my door knocker wand. My ultimate aim is to wear a double zero prince albert ring I have.
1) tea-ing the two pieces & screwing them in place is an ongoing issue. It takes a lot of persistance.
2) It is also a difficult & slow process sliding the central sounding piece up my urethra, over one uncomfortable rib to the next.
3) I find it best to wear it for a few hours at least every 2nd or 3rd day and I note the discomforture is gradulaly receeding. So hopeful of longer wearing days.
It takes patience and time but my cock will be tamed.

(Posted on 9/5/17)

Review: looks and useability. Review by PA Wand w/ Door knocker

Looks: I would give this PA Wand w/ Door knocker ☆☆☆☆☆

Useability: ☆☆1/2. I wore it for 3 days the first day was no problems because of the numbing gel. Day 2, it was very uncomfortable and pain started by that night. Day 3, rhe pain increased to the point I had to remove it.

Overall score: ☆☆☆3/4, but I can't grade it as 3 and 3/4 stars, so 4 stars rounded up.

(Posted on 8/9/17)

My first wear Review by Ivan

Looking at it after it arrived in the mail I just could not wait to try it on.
1) Initially the gauge of the main plug/shaft piece was a tad to big to slide in but after some pee-hole dilation with my soft silicon sound taper and some water based lube it slowly, increment by increment, slide it's way in with no issues.
2) It took a little time (5 mins) to tea up the PA hole piece that screws into the shaft and screw it in place.
3) The only annoying thing was positioning the glans hood ring in place. It seemed rigid and too stiff to rotatein place. I was glad to get a glans ring that was slightly undersize. This held the ring in place firmly.
4) I have been walking around the house turned by the awareness it is there but with no discomfort issues.
5) I agree with one of the above comments that the door knocker ring should be of smaller diameter and bigger gauge.
6) An added bnus is that it keeps my cock straight and sort of semi-erect all the time.

(Posted on 8/9/17)

not bad Review by Marty

I always wanted to try a prince's wand, but I didn't know exactly what I wanted. Also the prices were pretty high and I didn't want to end up with something I couldn't use. So here is my opinion. I found the quality exceptable but If I ordered a custom built one I would change most of the dimentions so it matched my penis. As of now, I wear it for fun for a bit, but I can dream of what it would be like if everything lined up perficly. It was worth the $.

(Posted on 8/5/17)

Feels Comfortable Review by Steven

I to agree with Gary's post on the fact that the post will pinch, stretching your PA to a 8 is needed for the post to sit flush with the wand. I too had to stretch to accommodate the Gland Ring post, other than that I have the piece in right now and it feels very nice. This is my first time with a penis plug and so far I enjoy the feeling when it is in place, all in all I am pleased with my purchase and with the quickness TCG shipped it out. Will continue buying with TCG!

(Posted on 7/1/17)

Can't wait to wear it. Review by Gary

1) Regarding the PA Wand-- I sterilized the parts in boiling water first. After lubing everything up with sterile lubricant, I was able to maneuver the shaft of the wand to align the screw hole and post, I inserted the post and got the threads to engage. As I screwed it in, It pinched the very thin and sensitive perimeter of my healed piercing between the post and the shaft. Ouch! I suggest that you add a "warning" in the product description, so to speak, that the buyer/wearer have a slightly larger, (again, well-healed) piercing to allow space for the screw post to be seated without pinching. You could say this is an "Advanced" toy, and recommended for serious experienced players. Something like that. I have a zero gauge circular barbell that I am wearing now to gently and gradually stretch that little opening. Realize that I am not unhappy with this great piece of gear, it just requires a little accommodation. Can't wait to wear it.

2) The door knocker/glans ring is a bit thin gauged. I would bump it up to about a 6-gauge ring,and do the same for all optional diameters. In addition, clarify that the other available door knocker/glans rings are INTERCHANGEABLE and that only one is designed to be used at one time. Somehow I felt that I would be able to install the additional rings, so I bought another 1-1/4" diameter knocker that is useless to be used in tandem, so it will be simply a back up should I lose the original.

3) The ring on the plug is a great feature, however, I believe it should be made of a heavier gauge wire and with a reduced diameter, of 1/2" or so. Just large enough to thread a rope through the plug ring, or attach a leash for leading, or anchoring the wearer to a fixed object. I say this because if one wears the whole device under street clothes, which is really "hot", there is a lot of metal down there in with the junk. A smaller ring would be less bulky and still have the same benefits the large, thin ring offers.


(Posted on 6/25/17)

Finally! Review by Patrick

I've wanted a prince wand for years but any of quality are so expensive! I've had a PA for almost 3 years and am at a 00ga and ran across this wand on your site last week, I've been please with your quality so far so I gave it a shot. Extremely easy to insert and put together my only concern is the way it rubs the inside of my urethra, other than that I'm wearing it now, smoking a cigar and I pull on it every now and then, what a thrill! Thanks!

(Posted on 6/17/17)

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