Pratt 11 Sound Kit

Pratt 11 Sound Kit is a sensual collection of urethral toys made for those who love some steamy urethral stretching. There are 8 sounds to choose from, but each of them has endings of different sizes so you are basically getting 16 unique sounds to enjoy.

Pratt 11 Sound Kit is a great collection of urethral sounds made for deep, sensual pleasure. There are 8 sounds in collection for you to enjoy. Each sound has two different sizes (one on each end), so you are getting 16 sounds for the price of 8!

The sounds come in all the sizes so you will sure find one to enjoy. The width ranges from 13 to 43 french, and all the sounds are over 11 inches long.

The sounds are made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel so they are body-friendly, durable and very elegant. They are made to give you the maximum sounding pleasure.

This kit is made for premium Urethral Sounding you will sure enjoy.

Please note: this urethral set is ideal for more experienced users and it’s not meant for beginners.

Orders Outside the USA will incur additional shipping charges due to the weight of these items. Email us your country and the items you would like and we will be happy to tell you the shipping charge.
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