Clearance - Pelvic Toner

As important today as it is tomorrow get the Pelvic Toner and take advantage of all of the benefits it offers. From improving sexual pleasure to urinary incontinence the benefits go on and on!
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Regain your youthful state with the Pelvic Toner one of the best pelvic toners of it's time! We all struggle with health or sexual issues that can benefit from doing this one small thing, using the Pelvic Toner. Increase resistance, control urinary incontinence, lift the pelvic floor, prepare for childbirth, and of course overall tighten things up a bit. Made of smooth plastic, the Pelvic Toner Measures in at 8 inches long and 4 insertable inches and 1 inch diameter. A revolutionary health care tool that every woman should own!
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