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What Others Say

There are literally thousands of letters in regards to: I LOVE MY NEW JEWELRY!! Here are just a few that we thought were special.

"I have never dealt with a company that really seemed to be concerned so much with customer satisfaction. The jewelry is beautiful and I'm sure that as soon as I can I will order more. It was very hard to chose because you have beautiful pieces."

Thanks again,

wow ...thanks a lot Russ. You guys are all right! Actually even better than all right. I appreciate the replacement ring. This gesture only confirms my feeling that you guys are, "THE Body Jewelry" site on the internet..

Pete Doonis
Johnson, Vermont

I just received my order and wanted to tell you how pleased I am! The jewelry was exactly as advertised, well-packaged, and beautiful. I am already enjoying one of my new pieces. I will definitely order from you again, and I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for quality body jewelry.

A new satisfied customer,
Gabrielle Kaasa Piekarski
North Carolina

Russ and all!
Received the monster screwball rings! Totally awesome--but you didn't already know that right?

Now my ladder is all matching. What I had before was nice, but these I bought from The Chain Gang really take the standards to a new level.

As always, I'm really pleased with the service, deals, quality and the products.

San Diego

you guys are the BEST!!! i still cant get over the great customer service you provide in today's time where is seems a lot of service is still, 'what ever........' you have helped me out on several orders that i needed to make and adjustment to...again, you're head and shoulders above the rest!! THANKS!!

Bloomington, Indiana


I have received the piece. It is absolutely stunning - but what else would I expect from your company? You produce the FINEST body jewelry that I have ever seen! Keep up the good work and thanks.
Dr. Matthew Sarratt
Shelby, North Carolina

You are my preferred body jewerly supplier. I have tried two others and have been disappointed with both. The Chain Gang is now the only body jewerly company in my Favorites listing. Thanks for Quality products at a reasonable price and delivery periods.

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your staff.
Palmdale, CA

Hi, I was so surprised to receive my order so soon, and very pleased. I just love the body jewelry, just wanted to thank-you for such fast service.

Have a good summer.


My jewelry arrived yesterday, and it exceeds my expectations! I've been a customer buying pieces from The Chain Gang over an eight year span without any difficulties, and will continue to do so.
John Mazur
Elgin, South Carolina

The Chain Gang sets a high standard for CUSTOMER SERVICE and ccontinues to exceed it.

Hi everyone

i just want you to know how pleased i am with the service & quality that TheChainGang provide,

Ive ordered a few expensive items from you previously and will be again, thanks again


Dave Smith
West Midlands

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the excellent product and great customer service I received form all of you at The Chain Gang. The products I ordered were flawless and well crafted. They fit perfectly based off information on your sizing charts and the colors were true to their representations on the website. Your communications were impeccable and much appreciated. In my experience, it is rare to find today, people who are as dedicated as all of the staff at The Chain Gang. Ten weeks ago I got my first piercing to celebrate the birth of our daughter, a Vertical Industrial in my left ear, and as a temporary piercing I went with the Teflon (plastic) barbell to expedite the healing process. In the meantime, I wanted to find a piece of anodized titanium for a more permanent application, this I found on your website. In addition to the piece I ordered for myself, I ordered a 6 spiral Helix for my wife. These are hard to find but you had them, and made it exactly to our order. It came out looking really awesome! My wife and her family are no strangers to piercings and all of them were impressed with both the quality of your products, price and the customer service I received. Needless to say, we will be doing business again. Thanks a million for everything, have a great day!
Randall Trivett
Monroe, Washington

I received my new 20g, white gold ball nose screw sometime last week. It is the best piece of nostril jewelry that I have purchased. I have probably spent about $300 in the past trying to find a nose screw that I fell in love with but also that body wouldn't reject. You guys did it! The ball is just the right size, plain yet elegant. And no red sore nose! I can't even feel that I have a nose ring in at all! I know that I will be back to buy more in the near future. I was pretty close to letting my piercing close up because it hurt so bad with jewelry I had bought other places.
Heather Grillo
Edison, New Jersey

good afternoon. i just wanted to let you know i received my jewelry today. i am very pleased with it. thank you for the time you spent making sure i got what i needed. when i am ready to "gauge up" i will definitely go through you guys again. thanks for the great service have a great day

Tim Bradley
Alva, Oklahoma

Is was well worth the two week wait for the custom made piece. O.M.G., absolutely fantastic. The best ever for a PA!

We are very sorry with the problems we've caused. We definitely made a mistake, because we never meant to order a vertical orientation on the first order. We appreciate your exceptional Customer Service ethic.

Because of the way this has been handled by you, Russ, you can count on us for ALL of our personal jewelry needs in the future and for referrals to others. It has been reassuring to do business with a respectable firm like yours. We value integrity above cost as, it appears, you do. You will eventually count us among your valued repeat customers.

If there is an additional charge for our mistake, let us know.

Looking forward,
Bradenton, Florida

Just wanted to let you know (as this is my first order from your company), I received the order and was completely pleased! Actually, it is nothing short of HOT! Keep up the good work. Thank you. Happy Christmas,
Robert (oneintenman),
Palm Springs, CA

Just got my barbells and put them in my nipples and guiche piercings. Awesome fit and quality!!!!
Name Withheld

Just dropping a note to let you know I'm very happy with my new nipple ring. I ordered an acrylic circular barbell and I'm very impressed with its quality. Also your shipping was prompt. You guys are going to be my source for future adornments. :)

Take care.
Ashley from Pittsburg, KS.

I received the 10G 14K yellow gold CBB w/short spikes and they are 1 of a kind. I have been searching for jewelry of this nature for a couple of years and have came up short on every occasion. I take the opportunity to ask "custom" body jewelry makers for this peice, and they laugh. The Chain Gang did not laugh, they stepped up to the plate and hit a GRAND SLAM. My nipples are happy, thank you Chain Gang. P.S. my wife loves them as well, she says they are fat & classy.
Matt McDaniel "Oldirty"
Daphne, Alabama

I just recieved my nostril screw that I ordered from you on Aug. 14 today in the mail. I love it! I have also ordered ear jewelry from you, also. I wanted to let you guys know that I am ALWAYS so extremely pleased with the jewelry that I get from you!
I ordered all of my white gold jewelry to wear in my wedding.
Thank you so much for such great products, they last and they are beautiful!
Heather Lynn Zima

Many thanks for our piercing- it is fantastic!
By and greatings fom Germany

Hey its Arezo,
I just got a message that my order was already shipped yesterday, and I just wanted to give the Chain Gang team some feed back. I had questions and when I sent an e mail to you, you replyed asap, and that was great. I have ordered my body jewelry from other sites, and I dont hear from them at all, but you guys kept me updated step by step. I will surely shop at Chain Gang again. thanx

I just wantd to take a minute to tell you how beautiful my new belly ring is. I received it a couple of days ago and I can't stop showing it to people and looking at it myself. I purchased the one called "life line" and it is the prettiest and most well made one that I have. I have purcased a couple from you guys and I tell everyone that you have the best and most unusual belly rings of anyone! Thanks for what you do and keep them coming! I will definatly be ordering more
Anita Erb
Wendell, N.C

Hi Russ,
I was out of town for the holidays but when I returned I was so happy to find my jewelry waiting for me in the mailbox. But when I opened the box I was amazed at how beautiful the piece is, and I am so happy with the results. Thank you so much for replacing the pearl, the resizing is perfect, and after your cleaning it sparkles like brand new. Can you please recommend a cleaning product I can use. Again thank you so much for all of your help, You guys are the best, I have looked all over the web for naval jewelry and no one can beat chaingang for price and quality, as a consumer it means allot when a company really stands behind their product the way you guys do, and I will definitely show my appreciation with future orders.
Please pass along my gratitude,

Dear Chain Gang,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my opal nose ring today (in less time than your original estimate, I might add), and it's just beautiful. I was really worried about the quality of the opal at 2 mm, but the colors are so vibrant--you've really done my birthstone justice! :-) I thought you'd also like to know that your workmanship will be showcased at my sister's wedding this summer, where I will stand with her as her matron of honor.

These days it's hard to find businesses that are committed to customer service, and I want to thank you for your professionalism, courtesy, and stunning craftsmanship. You've got a return customer in me.


Hello Russ,

I just happened to look at the items and I must they are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME AND I WAS FOR A MOMENT DUMBFOUNDED. Honestly I did not expect them to be soooo beautiful, I was only hoping for it. I must give full credit to you and your patience. Thank you so much, You made my present in a way that I can be feel on the air when presenting. As a mark of thanks, if whenever I get an opportunity I will refer people to yours website.

Thanks Once again,



I received my jewelry today and was amazed at the level of workmanship and quality. I have looked and bought jewelry at other places on the net, but have made the decision to make my future purchases from your company. Thank you for offering a quality product at a reasonable price. You will get my referrals from this point on!


Hey Chain Gang,
Just open the package I'd been so looking forward to receiving from you folks since I placed my order on your website back on Jan 6th. I am so thrilled to find the ring I ordered to be exactly everything I hoped it be. It fits perfectly, has the weight and the look I wanted so much, and the level of quality and craftsmanship is A+, top notch.
Thank you for your kind, prompt, and stellar service. You'll be the first place I come to when I'm ready to move up to my next ring!
Name Withheld

I just got back from NY and I just opened my package last night and I have got to tell you that it is beautiful. It looks so good on me to . I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy and that you have been the best ever. I can't thank you enough for everything and most of all for your patience. You are the best! Please thank everyone over at the
Chain Gang and tell them for me please, that they have a customer for life. I am going to tell as many people that I can about your website. Please let the Jewelers know that they made me a very happy woman. They do great work. I look forward to ordering from you guys again very soon. Thanks again for all of your help in getting this order completed.
Lisa Garner
Tavares, FL

To whom this may concern:
My mom ordered me the triangle twister for my belly button for Christmas 2002. When I opened it I was's even better in person, some of the pics don't do justice to most of your gold pieces if they all look as beautiful as this! I love it, and will be wearing it until I get another ring from you guys! The quality is great, and I love the fact that you guys carry unique jewelry, particularly in gold. Thanks a bunch, and you did a great job on having my
navel ring sent before Christmas.
Thanks again!
Los Angeles, CA.

Hey, Gang,

Let me add my two cents about your company.

I have placed several orders (That should tell you this is a positive response) and each order delivered was exactly what was listed in the online catalog, delivered quickly and without fuss, sold at a very reasonable price, and my next jewelry purchase will be from you folks. Highly recommend your site to friends.

To put this in perspective, I have worked in the fine jewelry business (We don't sell body jewelry, but next time you're buying a Rolex, drop me a line) for almost 20 years, and I know good pieces from bad, and I have been satisfied every time by your company.

Thanks for you previous service and look forward to buying more jewelry when I have more holes to fill.
Ed Beck
Ft Lauderdale, Fl

Dear Russ and all,
I just got my order last week, I think, --and I am so pleased! The quality is incredable and the workmanship is by far superior to any body jewelry I have seen!

It's smoother, shinier, and very securely (more deeply) threaded than the 316L I have had access to locally!

I have worn my 14K barbell for about a week now and am totally infection-free for the first time since I got my bellybutton pierced, almost a year ago.

Thank you so much for working so hard with me and being so delightfully kind and helpful!

I will most definitely be a VERY HAPPY REPEAT CUSTOMER!
Name Witheld

Hi Russ,
I just wanted to let you know my custom ordered labret arrived today. It is breathtaking to say the least! In fact, I love it so much I may never take it out! I just wanted to let you know I will enjoy this piece for many years to come. I can't wait to order for you guys again.
Thanks for everything,

Russ....I have no words to describe this jewelery piece you had made for me! I am THRILLED beyond words!!! It is perfect! Better than I could have even imagined! The colors are spectacular...the workmanship is really nice...and I love it!!!
Please pass on my thank you's to the staff there...and thank you espcially for all your help!
A Very satisfied customer!!!
~ Italiana ~
East Coast, USA

Dear Russ:
Just a quick note to let you know how happy I was when I received my order. The pieces I ordered were absolutely gorgeous. Your jeweler did a fantastic job. The diamonds were white and clear and not a scratch on the gold. When
I took them to the piercer to change out my existing ring, they just went on and on about how beautiful the pieces were. Unfortunately, my piercing is too new to change out at this time. The piercer recommended I wait at least two and a half months. It's killing me that I can't wear my new ring or barbell. I should be able to change it out by next month though. Once again, thanks. I will be ordering for years to come.
Name Witheld

I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the piece today. I also wanted to say that I would reccomend you to anyone!!!
I have never dealt with a company that really seemed to be concerned so much with customer satisfaction. You are very promp with you replies and very courteous. The jewelry is beautiful and I'm sure that as soon as I can I will order more. It was very hard to chose because you have beautiful pieces.

Thanks again,

Yes Russ my Girlfriend really freaked out when i changed her navel-piece (The double jewelled ball) and took of the blindfold :-)
But to say the truth she looks best with it on the nude beach when she is wearing only that and her perfume.
Next thing I am going to get for her is the HEART OF THE OCEAN That is a really awesome piece.
I was very impressed with the workmanship and the quality that went into making the things I got from you I will always buy from you in the future.
Thank you and keep up the good work.

Hey Chain Gang--I received the three fancy Gold naval bars I ordered a couple of days ago, and had to tell you how pleased I was! The fit was great and each piece is beautiful! It was worth the wait to get these! I've been telling many people to check out your website and jewelry.
Forever your customer...
Suzie from Palm Harbor, Florida.

Russ, I just received my motion ring for my navel and I LOVE IT!!! It looks absolutly fabulous. I loved the customer attention you gave, and all the help you gave me with my question. Everyone is so jealous. You can't find jewelry like this every day. I told them about the sight and they will definatly order from you guys. Thank You!!
I am so impressed with the speedy service and great customer care. If I need anything else, merchandice wise, I will definatly come to you guys. Once again thank you so much!!
Brighton, Michigan

I recently recieved my navel orbital from you guys and I LOVE it. I got the "Wings Of An Angel". Once my piercer took out my CBR and put my wings in, he said "now that looks kick ass". This is coming from a guy that sees MANY
pieces of jewlery. I will never buy anywhere else and I highly recommended you to ALL of my friends.
Thanks for providing me with such unique and splendid a piece of jewlery.


I can't tell you how pleased I am with the quality of this jewelry. It arrived this afternoon and it really is beautiful, I am very very happy :-) Please pass along my thanks and gratitude to all involved. Your quick e-mails back to me were also very much appreciated. I have enjoyed doing business with you, and I will be a repeat customer. I thank you for your time and efforts on my behalf. Take Care!
C.C. Foley
Port Charlotte, Florida

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service and quality of your business. I ordered through a different business online (you guys didn't have what I was looking for!), and they were simply pathetic, and they sent me the wrong jewelry! So I came crawling back. Thanks for your excellent, honest service and prompt delivery.

Jennifer Wilson

Thank you for all your help with my order the post office lost but still say they delivered. The replacement order got here today thanks to you and your company. I am proud to be one of your customers.
I would like to tell everyone that I had a problem with the post office losing an order I made. So I got in touch with Russ and thanks to him and I am sure a lot of work on his part the order got replaced! This is one company with a great product at great prices and a customer service department you can trust! This was my second order from The Chain Gang and know I am off to make my third order.

Thanks everyone at The Chain Gang!
Omaha NE

I received the gold jewelry that I ordered, the barbell with the flower top and with a red-gem-set disco ball. These are spectacular pieces of jewelry! I've worn the flower topped barbell in my tongue and it gets compliments all the time, it's really a gorgeous piece. Among the half-dozen other pieces I've ordered from The Chain Gang, I've never been disappointed with the quality. Where I live in Chicago, there are a TON of stores that sell body jewelry and I keep ordering from you because the quality just doesn't equal, and where it does, the price is double. To anyone who may be unsure about whether to order jewelry from these guys, I hope this convinces you. You will not be disappointed!

Chicago, Illinois

Just a quick letter to tell you how pleased I am with the jewelry I ordered for my wife. She has her eyebrow pierced, and wanted something "different." I ordered her the gold gem set fixed ring, and when it came in the mail (rather quickly I might add) she was extremely happy. It was EXACTLY what I wanted for her. The little black box it came in was a nice touch too. There is no doubt that the ring I ordered is high quality, and it's beautiful! Your customer service is outstanding also! Everytime she had a question, there was an answer within 24 hours after e-mailing you. I know she will be the envy of all her friends. Thanks so much! I will recommend your site to anyone looking for body jewelry of quality.
John and Chris

I want you to know how pleased I am with the quality of your merchandise, the ease of purchase and web site use
and the incredible range of items. I drove myself nuts driving around town looking for "the perfect PA ring" and
couldn't find it. None of the stores I've visited have even heard of a Segment Ring. Browsing your catalogue, I found
it in under 5 minutes, had it ordered in another five minutes and it was delivered in less than a week.
Thank you for your excellent service.
Jerry L. Hanson
Pasadena, CA

I just wanted to say that you guys are an awesome company to wok with you are very responsive and I feel very well taken care of when dealing with you, if you need anyone to post excellent comments about you guys on your site or any good word of mouth you have it here, thank you so much chain gang, I appreciate it, you guys are doing a wonderful job, I will never look anywhere else for my piercing needs, thanks

I just wanted to say how very pleased I am with my teddy bear ring. I have never found a place where you get what you pay for. This was well worth my money. Thank you very much.

Becky Smothers

Russ.... I just recieved my navel is about then most beautiful piece of jewelry that I think I have ever seen...I am very very pleased not only with the appearance but the workmanship....I am just really overwhelmed by how much I like it and it looks so nice with my nice tan...I will definately order from you again when I decide to get another piece of body jelwery..I also have a few friends that I will reccomend buy there jelwery from you....once again...I am very pleased.
Thankyou for such a beautiful piece of jewelery.
Name Witheld


What outstanding service! Who would have thought that I would receive an answer to questions to a company the same day they were sent! AND ON A SATURDAY!! Your service matches your jewelry well, TOTAL CLASS!
Thank you for taking the time to respond so promptly, I will gladly send out my next order next week. Thank you again for the advice on the style of gemset to purchase, I will go with the attached version, and I will include all of that information on the order form. Again, how refreshing it is to do business with a company who's employee's care about the customers' concerns. Truly amazing in this day and age!
Thank you,
Bill Patton

I am more than just a "satisfied" customer - I am an enthusiastic, lifetime customer! I've done the math, and no store (retail or web) compares to the quality and price of your jewelry. I recently purchased, received (and am now wearing) my new zero gauge Baltic Amber ear plugs. Not only am I proud to own and wear these beautiful pieces of amber jewelry, but am also thrilled to say I didn't get robbed in the process.

Clearwater, Florida