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Orbital Head Ring


Quick Overview

The Orbital Head Ring is a powerful cock ring made to stimulate the penis head. It includes 4 balls made for additional stimulation. This is a powerful penis ring that will make you cum over and over again!

Orbital Head Ring

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The Orbital Head Ring is a well-crafted cock ring made to be worn around the penis head. It is made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel so it’s medical-grade, safe and durable. This is a cock ring that will last you for a lifetime!

The best thing about this ring are 4 evenly spaced 9mm balls made for additional stimulation during use.

This amazing cock ring is made to fit nicely under your penis head and press all the most sensitive spots, such as your frenulum and glans. It will also bring a lot of pleasure to your partner during sex.

In order to enjoy this cock ring to the fullest, it’s important to ensure a good fit. The ring is available in several different inside diameters, with so many options, you will sure find the one that suits you the best.

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Product Questions

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Is the 1" ring measured from inside ball to ball?
Is there any way to get 1/2" balls on this ring?
I've purchased a few rings in the past. The 1 1/4" was the last and fit well. What is the suggested sizing for this product?
There is a big (6mm) gap between sizes of 26mm and 32mm, while other sizes increase in increments of 3mm. Is there any possibility of getting the "missing" size, 29mm, either as a regular stocked size or special order? I have the 32mm which is slightly large, but believe the 26mm would be too small.
If I order the wrong size, can this item be exchanged?
What is the weight?
What gauge is the ring itself?
What is the weight of the 35mm (27mm ball to ball) orbital head ring?
Hi I'm measuring in at 28.5mm. Should I be going for the 28 mm or will that be too tight.


Customer Reviews

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looks good - performs less Review by Dominic

Good quality....... the time you get a size that won't fall off the end of your penis, then the diameter between the balls is too small. I exchanged it for a Glans Ring with Pressure Ball. Waiting to receive the replacement.

(Posted on 4/19/18)

Great Item Review by Shawn

I was afraid that I had ordered the wrong size. Fit perfectly. Measure carefully to insure proper fit.

(Posted on 4/16/18)

Perfect Fit Review by Bob

The glans ring fits perfectly and feels so good on. The 4 balls feel good against my cock head.

(Posted on 3/27/18)

Wife loves it Review by Big A

Since I have never worn a wedding ring, my wife loves to see this on my penis, behind its sliced head. She knows it’s only for her pleasure, and she loves the way it feels inside her.

(Posted on 3/26/18)

Wrong size Review by David

Order wrong size, to tight

(Posted on 3/14/18)

Good But No My Favorite Review by ballsin

I ordered this and wear it regularly, but - personal preference - I like the single ball glans ring better for the feel of it ... I often wear this one behind my single ball glans ring and that works well. Good quality.

(Posted on 2/26/18)

Awesome Review by Shypopa

Too much fun

(Posted on 2/26/18)

hot looking Hard cock Bling Review by Fred

Love my new Orbital Head Ring. Just the hottest cock Bling. Love to have the fore skin stretched over it and have my partner uncover it

(Posted on 2/26/18)

Pleasant surprise Review by Tytan

I love it, and wear it 24/7!

(Posted on 1/10/18)

Perfect Fit Review by Pete

Good quality, and fits perfect, make sure you get the right size to enjoy the fun at it fullest........

(Posted on 12/26/17)

Great Fit Review by Rw

Got mine (32mm)in the mail today!! 12/23 great shipping!!
Perfect fit when soft and nice tight fit when hard
Wife loves its feel as well as appearance
Highly recommend!!

(Posted on 12/24/17)

Great product Review by GR

Very happy with ring

(Posted on 12/4/17)

Excellent Review by Dan

This looks great on! Feels great too. Nice weight but not too heavy for long wear.

(Posted on 11/11/17)

Head is looking great now Review by fred

Just a great feel and look.

(Posted on 10/25/17)

Great !!! Review by Greyfox

Love this product, looks great and feels great too. My wife loves how it looks and feels we I have it on. This one of my go to item, of many that I have to play with.

(Posted on 10/22/17)


I bought one size and it was a lil big but loved it so much i ordered the next size down and now I double stack wife and '' our friends ''Love'em!!!!!...TOP NOTCH CRAFTMANSHIP AS ALWAYS!!!! THANKS CHAIN GANG!!!

(Posted on 10/15/17)

ez 2 wear Review by Papa

best I ever had, she loves it ! wear it all the time with no discomfort, never know when the time is right.

(Posted on 9/12/17)

Love this ring Review by John

It is very well made and it really enhances things!

(Posted on 8/29/17)

No confusion for us Review by Gordon

My BF is always in a hurry and often puts his hat on backwards or sideways.
The Orbital Ring is completely symetrical in all axies so putting it on in a hurry or in the dark is never a problem. This avoids the embarrassment of looking like a 15 year old trying be cool with his hat on backwards
Like everything friom The Chain Gang, the quality is superb and there is no fear of scratching any valuable objects.
Also. the fit is snug enough that should Willie forget what he doing, I don't think the ring will suddenly make a break for an indepent life.

(Posted on 6/26/17)

Great product Review by Woodman

Love the feel of this ring, order a little larger to allow for the space the inner circumference of the balls take up. Great quality and very sexy!

(Posted on 6/14/17)

Comfortable Review by Charlie

My girlfriend's first impression was that I had a new piercing. She likes the look. She's the only one the see it so far but I'll be showing it around.

(Posted on 6/2/17)

Excellent as ever - could do with a compromise 29mm! Review by Ian

I bought the 26mm ring, which I persevered with after initial discomfort; after wearing continuously for 4 weeks it bedded in nicely, but eventually rubbed a little uncomfortably under my foreskin - I probably shouldn't have worn it behind my glans ring with pressure ball ;-) The 32mm is certainly not so tight, although it stays on well enough. I'll be awkward & say that a mid-size of 29mm would be perfect! Can't have everything ... beautifully made as ever.

(Posted on 2/16/17)

What more can l say. Thanks Chaingang. Review by Rick

After much ado I'm enjoying the ring 24/7. As always great craftsmanship. Thanks Chaingang.

(Posted on 2/6/17)

As ever, a fine Piece Review by Ian

This looks great always & feels great - most of the time! I bought the 26mm/1" size on the basis that my normal glans ring size of 22mm/0.875" (stays on nicely when soft, comfortably snug when hard, particularly the glans ring with pressure ball) was a guide. Leaving this size on 24/7 can lead to a little discomfort, so I'll be ordering the next size up to see if it's ideal. It's worth remembering that the ID of the ring is actually the net "virtual" ID defined by the inner surface of the balls. A beautiful piece, though, as confirmed by the GF!

(Posted on 11/4/16)

Cool head ring Review by Mark

I have had this for more than a week, and it is really cool. It has great heft, but
does not fall off when I am soft. When I get hard, it is amazing on how
the head gets huge, as well as the shaft.

I agree that getting the right size can be tricky to achieve this perfect combo.
I was lucky that I guessed correctly by upsizing one level from a known fitting
head ring. They seem to allow exchanges so go for it!

(Posted on 10/1/16)

GREAT Review by iCEMAN


(Posted on 9/1/16)

Very disappointed Review by Shane

while the quality is excellent the ring is entirely too small. it won't any of my fingers except my pinkie. can't even begin to get it on my glans. the one size only sucks. it should be converted to something that is custom made. it's useless as is unless you have a very small penis.

You ordered the smallest size.
You can just exchange the size for the larger one that you need.

(Posted on 8/26/16)

Quality ring Review by Luvrboy

Ordered the 38mm slips on fine when I'm soft, Love the feeling when I'm hard as it looks great around the head of my penis.

(Posted on 8/20/16)

Excellent Review by Cokeman

This ring fits great and is a pleasure for my girlfriend and myself. Very comfortable to wear 24/7.

(Posted on 8/2/16)

Excellent product Review by JR

This ring's concept is fantastic. Unfortunately, the 1" size was too large to wear 24/7 as I do with my 3/4" glans ring. Wish it came in that size. However, my partner enjoys wearing it. As with everything I've purchased at The ChainGang, the workmanship is A+.

(Posted on 7/23/16)

Love this thing Review by Lackwittyname

This is a great ring, bought the first one at 38mm but was slightly too big, got the 35mm and fits great but is a little snug when I'm inside a woman, caused some swelling for me. Wish there was a 36mm.

(Posted on 5/25/16)

great Review by dudu

looks nice and it gives a great feeling when it's on. can't wait to see how is to have sex with it on.

(Posted on 5/23/16)

Another fine piece Review by Exhibitionist

Balls on ring make it seem smaller, know your size when ordering . Looks awesome!

(Posted on 3/20/16)

Grand Review by D

This orbits my piece perfectly,
totally satisfied with quality and shipping discreetly.

(Posted on 3/19/16)

Great quality Review by Paulette

My man loves it and so do I

(Posted on 2/21/16)

too small Review by joe

I ordered the largest size 38mm and it is too tight. The quality of the ring appears to be very good though.

(Posted on 1/18/16)

orbital head ring Review by LG

Very nice piece. Much nicer quality than I expected. It has a nice weight to it also. Very pleased with my purchase.

(Posted on 9/17/15)

Very comfortable Review by Friend

I wear it 24/7
Beautiful finish.
I'll re-order but next time bigger

(Posted on 7/13/15)

Fun to wear! Review by David

This is a high quality piece to add to my collection of body jewelry from The Chain Gang.It looks really nice and is great fun to wear. Size I ordered fits perfectly and it has a good weight to it. Shipping came very quickly. Highly recommend it.

(Posted on 6/19/15)

improved Review by Mike

I had an earlier version of this a year ago that broke. This ring seems to have bigger, solidly placed balls with the junction ball tig welded so it will last forever. Nice!

(Posted on 5/22/15)

Awesome Review by Hank

I ordered the Orbital Head Ring. The craftsmanship was excellent. I put it on and wore it for 3 days and night. Love the look and feel. Loved it so much I ordered one for my partner. I will give it to him for our anniversary.

(Posted on 5/16/15)

awesome Review by jim

Nice looking ring. I purchased the 1in. ring and it fits a little tight. Comfortable to wear all day while I'm limp, but have to take off when starting to get erection. Way too tight of a fit when fuuly erect. Will probably purchase a larger dia. To wear when fully hard. Looks good with the 3 ball weights totaling around 4lbs of tug. Thanks chain gang for having good quality decoration for my man junk!!!!

(Posted on 5/5/15)

Nice Fit Review by Willie

Nice piece. I got the 2 x 26mm for a tight fit and i luv every minute of it.. One around the head and the other at the base. Wore it to work also. Good workmanship.

(Posted on 4/7/15)

Great feeling Review by Tom

The ring feels fantastic. I have an iron cross in my cock head and the ring adds pleasure and great visual effect. The balls are just about the same size as those on my barbells. Have no plans to take it off.

(Posted on 12/13/14)

Great cock adornment Review by shrig

Beautiful head ring, smooth, highly polished and pleased the 4 balls are welded in place. Worn it for 2 days and didn't know I was wearing it-even to bed. Very comfortable and perfect fit
Men should wear more cockhead chrome pieces!! It's the flash you don't expect when you drop trou and peel that 4 skin back!!

(Posted on 12/2/14)

Love it! Review by JG

I always wanted something like this. Its a great fit and I wear all day even at night when I sleep. I also luv wearing it with the donut ball weight I bought from here. I luv the sound it makes when I'm walking and it hits the weight. I cant wait to purchase more items from this company!

(Posted on 9/3/14)

orbital head ring Review by tom

love it! extremely comfortable, perfect fit, good quality, never have to remove it, good weight to it, very happy with my purchase

(Posted on 5/28/14)

Something different Review by Myssi

A beautiful piece, wonderfully made. I can't wait to shop this company again. It was great to find something different, not just the same old thing every other company sells.

(Posted on 5/20/14)

Good overall Review by Kenneth

As usual, the craftsmanship was top drawer. It's good to see this in so many sizes. It should be noted that the balls are larger than the product pictures show- probably not literally, but in the visual impression. They are larger than usual for a head ring. This also means it will dislodge easier, if the diameter isn't close to perfect. Does look good, though.

(Posted on 5/2/14)

awesome! Review by jimi

delivery was great! craftmanship very good! the fit, feel and the appearance way f'ing awesome!

(Posted on 4/21/14)

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