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Open ZZ Penis Plug


Quick Overview

The Open ZZ Penis Plug is a specially designed toy made to stretch and train your penis for urethral stimulation. It will keep you opened once it’s inserted, so you can perform all the kinds of kinky games with it.

Open ZZ Penis Plug

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The Open ZZ Penis Plug is a unique urethral toy made for stretching and experimentation. This plug is made to stretch your urethra and keep it open so you can do a lot of fun stuff with it.

The plug has a 5mm through hole so all the fluids can freely pass. The toy is made of high-quality Surgical Steel for your comfort and safety.

Available in various diameters to ensure a great fit!

The toy’s dimensions:

  • Overall Length: 1-3/4"
  • Insertable Length: 1-1/8"
  • Diameter of central internal hole: 5mm

Product Questions

What is the shaft diameter of the 12mm plug, and is it bigger if I get the larger size? I have a problem with the really small diameter of the main shaft after putting the 12mm plug in. It would be great if it only dropped down 1mm to 1.5mm, just enough to hold it in.

Customer Reviews

Love it Review by Spanky

Love it!☺ got the 13mm cleaned it up outside AND inside. played with it for a little bit and pop she was in. Very comfortable compared to my other plugs, will be wearing it for a while it's the comfortable. Thanks chain gang !

(Posted on 11/9/18)

Amazing product! Review by Joe

Love this plug! I've been wanting to move up to a 11mm plus have a plug short enough to wear all day and also comfortable for long wear and this is it. Chain Gang is the only place to order from period!

(Posted on 10/25/18)

Awesome sensation Review by Geo

The sensation you feel when the 14mm plug pops thru the construction is awesome. You can almost hear the popping sound when it goes thru and the constriction grips it in place. In my case the construction is just below the head and the plug sticks out. I am currently working on getting the whole plug inside with nothing sticking out. I’m almost there.

(Posted on 9/24/18)

Awsome Review by Hunter

Each and every product I bought is of superb quality keep up the good work and try to think of us little guys while designing some plugs would be nicer with a shorter stem and a bigger stopper ball or tip to keep the plug from completely going in when wearing under clothing

(Posted on 9/23/18)

Awsome Review by Hunter

Had a hard time getting it in even with lube I'm not a big guy down there but have stretched to 10mm over time bout an 11mm witch is really 10.5mm my girlfriend got it in me finally. Some pain but awesome once it's in .we couldn't get it. Out. Waited overnight finally got it out s little blood. But. Healing nicely can't wait to put it in again n wearing. It out in public

(Posted on 9/22/18)

Amazing Review by Ron

First thing, it's not for beginners. Definitely. Otherwise, it's amazing. Never comes out, unless you want it.

(Posted on 9/9/18)

Big boy Review by Cycling guy

This is big and not for beginners. Once inserted it feels good and is comfortable for long wear. Stays put once inserted, remember to use lots of sterile lubricant.

(Posted on 5/17/18)

good toy Review by Bud

all plugs of this size need lube and with that this is a great plug !!

(Posted on 5/13/18)

Happy Wife, Happy Life,,, Review by Christopher

We Wanted say thanks! for the prompt shipping. I ordered from ChainGang before and again the same outstanding service!. I have to say, This ZZ Penis Plug is a unique urethral toy, it's a bit hard to insert, as The penis is a tough organ. But once there! perfect!

We, My Wife & I purchased the plug hoping it would work with my Y-belt -chastity, So can freely pass body fluids without the sometimes mess! As for that, experimentation, not so perfect. The Overall Length: of 1-5/8" perfect!
the Diameter of 12mm & the Diameter of 8mm & Diameter of the internal hole of 5mm,,,,, PERFECT! You guys at ChainGang Did GOOD! but the Insert-able Length, 1-3/8" It's to long! once the plug is inserted into the penis, and the penis inserted into chastity tube it blocks the urethra in a way for the curve of my chastity! So I cannot freely pass body fluids, My Problem,,, Not yours!

But with all that said! WOW! It's the fit, this toy is made for! My wife stuffed it! ZZ stretched it! and my wife & I had a lot of fun with it.! This plug is not only made to stretch your urethra! but for stretching you mind! It just keeps on giving & Giving!

Thanks ChainGang YOUR GOOD! in two ways! NO! Make that three! A happy Wife makes for a happy life! Ours! and she gets to go shopping again! My wife says! SO! ;-) :-)

(Posted on 3/18/18)

Love it! Review by Colin

I have to use the 'vice grip urethral stretcher to get this one in for right now until I get stretched some more and for me it's easier to get out than in but once it is in it doesn't come out on it's own which is great. First plug I've had that does stay in by itself. Have worn it for a 72 hr. period with no problems and will wear it for longer next time. Have to say that if you're into this type of thing then get this plug. Bet you won't be disappointed.

(Posted on 7/2/16)

Great plug Review by Sharkie

Thank you fr a great plug, I really enjoy wearing it. do you have the same plug, say in 14mm size, if so I would be very interested. Thank you

(Posted on 3/29/16)

A wonderful addition Review by Jenna James

This is a great plug for medium to advanced users. The lenth is great for a flaccid penis and the width is just enough to keep this Beuty in place, could possibly leave this item inserted indefinitly I'd imagin, quite truly a wonderful addition to my collection, thanks!

(Posted on 1/26/16)

Great Plug! Review by PenisPlug

It took me several months to get this bad boy in. The first time I was successful it tore the head getting it out and it bled for a while. I wrapped it in gauze and tape real tight. It stopped bleeding in a few minutes and healed nicely. The penis is a tuff organ. None of my other plugs stay in now they slid out the second I let go of them so this is the only one that will stay in. It slides in nicely with a little surgical lubricant but it does sting a bit taking it out. Once it’s in it is not coming out on its own. I've worn it for 24 hour with no issues.

(Posted on 1/6/16)

Simple Review by jhd54

Well made, simple plug. Once you are accustomed to the size it can stay in for as long as you want. I have used a set of Pratt sounds for a while before being able to accommodate 12 mm size plugs.

(Posted on 12/1/15)

Great Lil' Plug Review by MTS

Great plug for all day wear. Right size to stay in. Others have slipped out, can be embarrassing. Like the large opening to allow body fluid out. Length also comfortable for long time wear.

(Posted on 11/21/15)

Great Plug Review by Oliver

Love to have it in. But there comes the time when it simply starts to slip out of its place. A bigger size would be great, may be also a bit longer.

Otherwise: go for it

(Posted on 11/6/15)

Damn its big Review by Glenn

Too big had to take it down to 11 mm drilled 2 detents at the top to put a ring on it to help removal time theres no way this one will come out on its own (all my 10 mm plugs pop out after a few hours - had to cut threads in those so theyll stay put - see cockscrew very similar) not gonna lie this one does hurt going in and coming out but no pain no gain gotta stretch it to stretch it

(Posted on 10/27/15)

5 stars Review by Lascivious Octopus

As usual with the Chaingang, product quality and service is top notch.

As mentioned by another reviewer, the max diameter of the penetration cone is about 11.6 mm, i.e. the 12 mm max diameter in the description applies to the stop ring only. I think the Chaingang should clarify this in their description.

(Posted on 7/25/15)

Easy in, difficult out Review by Russ

This piece was easy to install with just a little resistance. Wore it for about an hour or so and tried to remove it. Removal was very difficult and took quite a bit of effort. It was also quite painful. Time will tell whether it gets any easier with use.

(Posted on 7/20/15)

Easy going in, tough getting out Review by Russ

This piece inserts fairly easliy with only a bit of resistance. But after wearing it for a while, it's a pain (literally) to remove. Time will tell whether or not it will get easier with use.

(Posted on 7/20/15)

Not Quite Yet Review by Donald

I think this is really one of my favorite penis toys even if I haven't been able to get it in yet. It's totally giving me something to work towards. Much like my first penis plug which took me months to get opened up enough for. Once I'm open enough to get it in I'm going to be wearing it proudly!

(Posted on 3/31/15)

Open zz plug Review by Darrell

It is a quality product but too small and falls out. Sad.

(Posted on 1/25/14)

Great Review by Edward

After I receive the item I modified the diameter of the largest portion of the insertable plug to 10.0 mm. The original size was 11.5 mm and was much too large for me. When it was all done this was a great piece because it was not too long and I was able to wear it in excess of 48 hours with no problems.

(Posted on 1/3/14)

Easy In - Easy Out Review by Gardener

Insertion was almost too easy, just a slight stretch. Removal was also too easy. Came out during urination. Not as much weight as I thought or wanted.

(Posted on 8/9/13)

quality Review by James

Excellent product easily inserted and removed with the addition of a little lubricant. It would be nice in a 9/16 or 5/8 inch size and a little longer on the plug.

(Posted on 6/11/13)

Quality Review by Guest

Just received this and quality is great. I have been using a smaller cum-thru penis plug so this is going to take some stretching of my urethra and even though I have started I think a few more sessions before I can fully insert. Biggest concern then is getting it out. I'm all for stretching and wanted a larger size if possible once I can get my penis trained to this one

(Posted on 6/7/12)

Open ZZ - Love the Stretch! Review by Kinky Daddy

If you love to feel that wonderful stretching as your urethra opens to take this big fucker.....

You will LOVE it!

I sure did!

(Posted on 5/31/12)

Untitled Review by Guest

good product
installin very difficult and painful

(Posted on 2/29/12)

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