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One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug


Quick Overview

One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug is a unique toy made for intense pleasure. It will give you so many orgasms you will have to stop counting! The toy has special balls and grooves that will hit all the right spots. It is made for a wild ride so it’s ideal for those who crave deep, intense feelings.

One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug

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One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug is a specially designed toy made for intense sensations. It is a wild ride you don’t want to miss!

This toy has specially designed balls and grooves made to touch all the right spots. The texture goes all the way from tip to the end of the head hook, so it’s really intense.

This toy is 5 inches long and available in two varieties: hollow and solid. It comes in various diameters to ensure you get the perfect fit.

***3mm-6mm is ONLY available in SOLID***

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Product Questions

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what size ring comes with the 10-13 hollow unit
what is the maximum diameter of the plug?
What is the insertable length?
How are you measuring the penis spline is the end that goes in first the larger size or the plug end? I’m interested in the 9-12 size.
What size glans ring comes with the 8-11mm hollow?
Can I order it with a specific size glans ring?
The pics on the website appear to be solid. Can i see some pics of the hollow?
What is the size of the hole in the hollow version & where does it come out on the curved part?

Customer Reviews

This is a must have item in your collection. Truly one of a kind pleasures ! Review by Diver down

When I found the chain gang and their selection on the internet my cock was in heaven. The one of a kind penis plug and spine was on my first order. This was when it was only the 1 size 8-11mm with the hollow having the peephole angled forward from the center of the 11mm front barrel. It’s a mess to pee with of course, but it’s the geometric trade off of easy cleaning, affordable manufacturing functionality and the geometry of the piece. The location of the peephole on the new design doesn’t work for me personally as the pressure sends it forward into the head and completely prevents flow. I unbale the ring invert it and pull it out to clear the hole and pee. Being a bit of a metal worker I’ll increase the drill bore a little re counter sink a tad larger and repolish. The old design I increased the counter sink size broke the accute angle of the lower side of the hole and repolished to prevent the bite of the hole. The new design might work for you all your anatomy. The design is the magic of the piece. These days I take the plug out and drain the plug and my unit to save the residual leakage after pissing anyway. I like the hollow on all my plugs to shoot the gun and the sensation of peeing with them in. So solid or hollow up to you each has something to offer. But you’ll be missing out if don’t get one of these. The added bonus of this piece is if ordered large it’s the euphoric mix of pleasure and pain as this piece is a natural stretcher by its design and the journey of anticipation is a lot of fun ! The 11-14mm I’m wearing is my second one, that’s how addictive this piece is. The larger shepherds hook to the ring keeps it moving and is a party in your pants !

(Posted on 12/11/18)

Penis Spline Review by Rdc

This thing is AMAZING

(Posted on 11/17/18)

horny as fuck to wear Review by twohanz

I bought the hollow version, but I'd have to say when I piss it's a torrent and pushes it out. But I don't see that as a problem. I just take it out to piss as I would do with the solid version.
The first night I slept with it in, I had the best dreams I've had in years

(Posted on 9/26/18)

Great product Review by Dan

Ordered the 7 to 10mm. Should have ordered the hollow, my bad! I still can pee with it on but there is some post pee dripping involved. So if you're wearing it out expect to use some toilet paper over the end of your penis to absorb the extra dripping. Other than that, outstanding workmanship. Don't expect to forge this in your basement shop, not gonna happen! Might as well shove a piece of rebar up you dick!

(Posted on 8/11/18)

Fullness Review by Willie

Shipment was faster than it's stated time again. Plug was well done. Loop was fantastic. If length can go longer it will be a good feel when it's deep inside. Order the 10-13 solid. 1st few try was not able to go in but manage to go in since yesterday. Unbelievable that i feel so full inside my urethra when the plug was inside & so empty when taken out. Only problem is i should have order the hollow type as i have to remove to pass fluid. If not i would have wore it the whole day. Anyway i considering ordering a 11-14 hollow with a larger ring.
Thanks again ChainGang.
10 August2018

(Posted on 8/10/18)

Penis spine Review by Dblprcdtung

Couldn’t wait to get it and try it out. Got it today lubed it up and it slid right in. Oh man what a fantastic feeling it gave me. Walked around work this afternoon with a semi hard dick. Gonna try the cock screw next .

(Posted on 8/9/18)

Great rate. Easy process! Review by Solo man

This piece is great!! Got the 12mm to 15mm and it fit perfectly. Wore it for a couple of hours without any problems. Just make sure you get a glans ring that is big enough to fit!

(Posted on 7/30/18)

Awesome Unique Kinky Toy! Review by Tim

After I place my order, I alway wait with excited anticipation to receive my next new toy and this one didn't disappoint.
It's every bit as described with the initial pop going in to the second pop to hold it in.
I ordered the 7-10mm (solid) and made sure I did stretching before it arrived so I could try it right away.
I'm still not sure how you could wear this all day unless you just stayed home and yes you can pee even though it solid.
Great design and excellent quality!

Here's what I've tried so far: Flexible Cum Through Penis Plug, The Ball Python Snake, Arm and Handle Penis Plug, Glans Ring with Pressure Ball, In & Out Princes Wand, Cock Lock Intruder.
All great quality!

(Posted on 7/21/18)

Operator Error Review by Jake the Snake

I bought the hollow One of a Kind Penis Spine. The spine feels good going in and coming out. I am not certain how far to insert this thing so that the urine stream can be controlled. This thing can make a mess of a toilet area. Also, not sure what is the and what is the bottom. Otherwise I feel like my penis is full when inserted and I get interesting sensations as I wear it for.extended periods. The only negative is the adventure of controlling the urination stream.

(Posted on 7/21/18)

Be careful Review by David

Just got mine a few days ago, but be warned, I ordered as big as I could, which was a mistake, should have gone smaller, not sure if I will ever get it in. Wearing my double ring plug and it's fantastic.
So just be careful as far as the right size goes, I guess I have to order a stretcher now.
Delivery was great and quality is exceptional.

Ty ChainGang

(Posted on 6/1/18)

Another Quality Piece from Chain Gang Review by Mike T

Once again you have exceeded my expectations. A quality piece that fits and look beautiful. Gland ring is the perfect size. This is not a piece for the first timers. You will need to work your way up to the 11mm diameter and length. Well worth the effort.

(Posted on 6/15/16)

Love the feel of this. Great product Review by Scott

Love this. Bought both the solid and the hollow. Solid slides right in. Just a little tight when fully inserted. Needed to adjust the bend at the end to fit more comfortably. The hollow one is a little larger and i have only been able to get it started with the first ball. Still working with it though. Can't wait til i am able to hold this one all the way in. Great quality on both pieces.

(Posted on 4/11/16)

Fantastic Toy - well made Review by Lawrence

Love wearing this especially overnight. Intense morning errection. Could be a little longer and the head ring could be a little smaller for a tighter fit. However with my Ampallang piercing that helps to keep the plug in place. All in all it's perfect.

I ordered the solid option.

(Posted on 3/10/16)

Awesome Review by QL

It was a very unique feeling when the tip finally made the initial plunge in. Everything that followed was just as intense.

(Posted on 3/4/16)

An epiphany Review by Kenneth

You might think, as I did, that a hollow device is necessary for long term wear. However, per a previous review from "slave friedemann", I went for the solid version of this.

You can indeed (if you find 10mm a 'pop' fit) pee around this.

The other problem with long term wear is going deeper than 1/4 to 1/2 inch deeper than the penis is long. A review from 'slave' titled 'Superb!' for the "Flexible Penis Plug" details this... basically what happens to me with long hollow devices is that the urethral lining 'bunches up' into the hole at the tip, and movement back and forth tears the lining. You get blood, and to prevent a possibility of stricture, you can't use the device.

This piece has a beautiful round at the tip, if you get the solid. It does not ever harm me despite its length.


If you do deep penetration, get solid and look for a proper round at the tip. If you go hollow, stay in the penis proper and look for a smooth lateral profile. If necessary, chop off the long plugs with a Dremel and use patience in re-finishing the tip.

I have over a dozen plugs, and these two reviews and experience with the unique shape of the 'spine' have combined so that I finally know what's really going on.

I also love the large 'bump' just below the bend on this- it pops in and helps retention and feeling.

(Posted on 1/27/16)

Great toy Review by Pumpdaddy

Just got it this week. My first toy ever. It went in all the way first time. I left it in about 3 hrs. Then it slipped out. Had it in 3 times first week. Feels great. What can I do to keep it from slipping out?

(Posted on 12/13/15)

Bigger Than I Thought Review by Richard

Quality is great but bigger that I thought. I'm using a sounding set to increase my acceptance of this device.

(Posted on 12/1/15)

Awesome Review by Wild William

I have had my spine for a little while, had to adjust it a bit, I have never been able to get it totally in with the ring over my glans until tonight. OMG this is the most feeling to have it all the way in. Chain Gang you guys rock.

(Posted on 11/13/15)


Wonderful piece that I have had some challenges with to enlarge my urethral canal so as to allow it to fit snugly but comfortably. This is a LARGE Piece of Penis Jewelry and worth all the time I had to take to install it.

(Posted on 7/25/15)

WOW!! Review by Russ

This thing rocks! The feeling of all those various bumps and ridges sliding into your penis is outrageous!

(Posted on 7/20/15)

Excellent toy - nice length Review by Ronald

Excellent quality and workmanship went into the making of this item!

(Posted on 7/17/15)

Excellent toy - nice length Review by Ronald

A very well made piece. A bit small, I will be definitely be ordering more items!

(Posted on 7/14/15)

Excellent toy - nice length Review by Ronald

A very well made piece. A bit small, I will be definitely be ordering more items!

(Posted on 7/13/15)

Nice Product Review by John

Very sexy product. As usual, The Chaingang surpasses Quality. Very comfortable to wear.

(Posted on 7/2/15)

Exciting product Review by NUTZ

Can't wait to stretch my urethra enough to receive this plug. It is my third plug, there all good, but I can't wait to receive this one.

(Posted on 6/30/15)

Great item Review by Brolls

I was a little worried when I got the plug. But what a pleasure it is. I got some bleeding the first two times I inserted it. I love the feeling and having a simi erection while the plug is inserted. It is well worth the the price and what a pleasure. I can use it while doing electro stimulation. Another exciting pleasure.

(Posted on 6/6/15)

penis spine Review by redneckboi

I use my sounds first ,to stretch things out a little ,then I can use the spine comfortably. Quality finish on all your products.

(Posted on 6/3/15)

Nice Art Work Review by Paul

A bit BIG for me at the moment, but somethink to look forward too. Enjoying the quality & prices of all my products from TCG.

(Posted on 5/30/15)

Size Review by Sam

I have the king penis spine today and feels awesome!! Feels like it is the way to my postate, but it's not. Getting a little bit of postate discharge , which is fine. Great feeling when walking around, not so much when sitting. All in all a great piece of jewelry. Planning on wearing it quite often.

(Posted on 5/27/15)

Size Review by Sinep

Wow, just got this and didn't know how it was going to fit, but no problem. With a little lube it went right in,had a little trouble the half inch or so. The diameter was larger than expected and the length was longer, but got it in with no problem. The feeling is awesome and I'm wearing it with my PA jewelry . That a sight they are together !!!! Can't wait to get to a nude beach with these new toys! Need to try!

(Posted on 5/16/15)

Daunting machine! Review by Guy

Wow, what a machine! Great quality. But much larger diameter than I ever want to push into my piss hole. I want a pleasurable sensation, but I'm not into extremes. I'll reorder something more "moderate." I just hope I can find one with the longer length like this one.

(Posted on 5/7/15)

Very nice ..... use it very often Review by Tim


(Posted on 4/11/15)

Superb! Review by slave friedemann

The best toy i have ever experienced. Believe it or not, peeing is no problem around the solid Spine & Plug!

(Posted on 4/11/15)

Awesome Review by William

I Posted when I first got the spine and hadn't been able to get it in at that time. Well I was playing around with it the other night when the tip of it finally went in. Before I realized it, it had already slipped three quarters of the way in. Still haven't gotten it all the way yet, but I know it will be soon. I do have to say that when I shot my load, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever felt in my life. When the tip did go in there was a small amount of pain and a few drops of blood but nothing serious. I will be using it again tonight and hopefully I'll be able to get it all in so I can start wearing it more often. Great product CG. Love it.

(Posted on 4/4/15)

The ultimate to date Review by Deep Bob

I use urethral sounds so this is a slide fit. Walking around the office provides an incredible internal massage! I like the weight. Unfortunately the hole on the plus sits inside the tip of my penis, so peeing is a little splashy. I'm ordering a smaller ring, the plug wouldn't fall out but I like a tighter fit around the glans. Chain Gang has the BEST customer service, I'm a frequent flyer.

(Posted on 3/12/15)

Great product Review by sneaky pete

I bought two penis sounds at the same time as a beginner (first time user as well).

I purchased the Penis Spine and Plug as a solid piece and the Flexible Ziro Penis Plug and Glans Ring as well in the hollow version. Love both products.

The Flexible Ziro is a nice product but the glands ring is very small. Difficult to get on and almost impossible to remove. Like the product and works as stated.

The Penis Spine is my favorite and looks good when I wear it. The glands ring is tight and stays in place but is comfortable enough to wear all day. My only issue is it is a bit short. I would love to see the product be about one inch longer so that it would fit properly.

Both products are well made and a good value.

Don't forget that you can get replacement rings for your particular size here

(Posted on 3/9/15)

Outstanding... Review by Mark

While I have many fine products from The Chain Gang... I wear this everyday & love it... So far the longest I've worn this is 5 days & I hate to take it out...

(Posted on 3/3/15)

Sexy, Love the look and craftmanship Review by MOOBS

Found out 10mm is a little big for me and now I am looking for a urethral stretcher... a 9mm or 9.5mm would work perfect. Love the weight and feel of the Penis Spine and Plug. I can't wait to wear it after some stretching.

(Posted on 2/26/15)

High Quality Review by William

I'm like another person, it is a lot bigger than you think. Right now, I can just get the tip of it in, but that's it. I will get this in but it will take time. Found though the ring is exactly the right size for my glans. All in all, I like it, but I'll be patient until I can get it in all the way.

(Posted on 2/12/15)

Very big Review by john

Well what can I say, amazing, haven't been able to get it inside as yet can't wait for the time I can. I suppose that I was a bit too keen but with time I will and looking forward. The quality in of the highest and well done to the gang

(Posted on 7/8/14)

This will do Review by Ned Pepper

Thanks Chain Gang. You have made my day for many days to come.(pun intended)Although I bought two plugs this one is the best. Just lucky I guess this fits like it was made for me. Not going to get tired of this anytime soon. You are a great company to deal with and you will be hearing from me again. Fair warning. You will have a hard time doing any better than you already have done. I look forward to my next purchase. Thanks again.

(Posted on 7/6/14)

Nice Review by Tj

Nice product High Quality and great to do bussiness with the Chain Gang. Thanks

(Posted on 5/24/14)

Good with a few issues Review by old stuffer

No doubt the highest quality of any product I have ever purchased online or otherwise. Insertion was effortless and felt very good. My anatomy ran into a slight situation with the ring used to go behind the glans to keep the item in place. The ring seems to be too big but is still difficult to slip into place. I have had the ring slip off twice in very close to embarrassing situations. I even added a gummy type ring to attempt to hold the plug in and it slipped out while I was at a dinner party. With a quick adjustment as the plug slipped down my trouser leg I simply slipped it into my sock to take home. I may attempt to purchase a smaller ring and bend the curved portion out slightly to increase functionality. Until then I will simply use it in the comfort of my own home but I will continue to use it regularly. Side note, I have already cum several times with this plug inserted and it was intense. Best lube for urethral insertions is Liquid Silk because it has a antibacterial agent to help reduce the possibility of infection. Great service and great pricing helps me buy more.

(Posted on 4/22/14)

Amazing! Review by L2P

I never new it could be so amazing. It took time to finally get this baby in. What a surprise when it finally popped in and filled me; what a rush! I got so hard and didn't want to remove it. I know this will provide years of thrills for me. Thanks!

(Posted on 4/22/14)

Oh, the thrill! Review by A Nonymouse

Oh, the thrill as it goes in. The final bump (under the ring) is the real winner. It helps hold things in place and is the thrill at the end. It can be worn long term ... or, at least, I do.

(Posted on 4/18/14)

Excellent Piece Review by DJ

This piece is excellent! It's just the right length for that deep filling feeling that provides a delightful reminder that it's still there and the ribbed loop is fantastic!! I had to bend the base of the loop toward the shaft so it didn't create the appearance or feeling of "choking the chicken" and with that change, it's been the perfect piece for me. It goes in the first thing in the morning and reluctantly comes out at the end of the day but there's always looking forward to inserting it where it belongs the next morning. If you're experienced, you should definitely give this one a try and if you're new, put this on your goal won't be sorry!!

(Posted on 4/10/14)

Penis Spine Review by Rooster Cogburn

This thing is huge. No way I could get this thing in.
Hopefully they make one half this size

(Posted on 3/28/14)

Very Nice Review by Joe

High Quality, Best Prices

(Posted on 1/14/14)

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