Nipple Rounders

Nipple Rounders

Nipple Whirl

Nipple Whirls are unique nipple jewelry piece that will add some edge to your look. They offer amazing visual image that will sure attract your partner’s attention. The whirls are also powerful nipple toys, because they can be used to extend the nipple and tighter the pressure on the nipple. You may use these whirls for all your sensual, kinky games.

Nipple Whirls are unique nipple jewelry pieces. They are not only unique and very effective but can also be used as amazing nipple toys. They look very striking so they will sure attract a lot of attention from your partner.

These Nipple Whirls are made to be used with a long barbell that passes through the piercing (the barbell is included).

Here’s where the fun begins: you can turn the whirl to move the barbell up higher, which will extend the nipple. The more you turn the spiral, the tighter it tugs on the nipples. It opens all the amazing opportunities for sexy nipple play.

Please note: All pieces are priced individually. For a pair order 2.

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