Niobium Seamless Ring

Niobium Seamless Ring is an elegant jewelry piece suitable for almost any piercing. It’s a great alternative to Captive Bead Rings. Seamless rings will look very classy in eyebrow, nose, nipple and other piercing types. Niobium is a premium material available in many different colors, so you will sure find the one that suits you perfectly!
As low as $24.99

Niobium Seamless Ring is a very reliable jewelry piece you can use for any piercing type. It’s simple yet elegant, functional yet effective, so it suits any occasion.

Niobium is a great body jewelry material: it’s body-friendly, reliable and comes in many different colors. Choose the color you like the best!

Seamless rings are very functional and they make a great alternative to Captive Bead Rings.

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