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Monster Screwball Ring


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Monster Screwball Rings are fantastic larger gauge pieces that look amazing in place. They are made in very large gauges, so they are ideal for stretched piercings. Pictures cannot do this piece justice. It is sturdy, elegant and naturally durable, so you will love to wear it year after year.

Monster Screwball Ring

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Monster Screwball Rings are specifically designed Screwball Rings made in large gauges. They are a beutiful massive looking piece ideal for stretched piercings.

They are not made from bending a large gauge wire which causes stress crackes, they  are machined from a single block of 316L Surgical Steel.

And since they are Screwball Rings, you don’t have to struggle to open them, or to get he ball poped in place.

You will not be disappointed with this piece at all.

Product Questions

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On your monster screwball ring when it says size is that inner diameter or outer? Thank you.
What is the size of the bead on “00” and 3/4 size? Thanks
What size ball is on the 12.7mm x 7/8 inch ?
Do you sell replacement balls fit the 00g 1 inch ring?
Is the steel implant grade?

Customer Reviews

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Great Piece to wear Review by GAB

Love the polish as a 1/2 inch It took some time to wear as my PA but feels great . Love the feel of the weight

(Posted on 4/4/18)

great piece Review by Pete

This monster screwball ring is a great piece to wear, nice weight and highly polished I love the way it feels in my PA. as always I am well pleased with the Chain Gangs quality products and fast shipping

(Posted on 1/14/18)

Happy repeat customer Review by DJDread

I have purchased a 00g sometime back and loved it and I am loving the 1/2in gauge I just wish the ball was larger

(Posted on 11/22/17)

Excellent product Review by Gary

Weight is great and rounded ends make it easy to insert

(Posted on 11/13/17)

1 Review by Guest

Exellent quality. Thanks for the great service and fast shipping.

(Posted on 10/14/17)

Excellent! Review by M

I usually wear a 3/4" 0 gauge circular barbell PA, but decided to size up to 00 gauge at 3/4". This is my ideal monster ring - heavy, smooth, and with a big screwball that stays in place. Another satisfied customer of The Chain Gang!

(Posted on 10/10/17)

Tugging and pulling Review by Sexy

I love the way it tugs and pulls around could not be more happy

(Posted on 6/4/17)

Excellent quality -- met all my expectations. Review by Jseve1

This is a highly polished quality piece of jewelry. The screw ball closure is so much easier to use than a captured bead. The weight feels excellent hanging from my member.

(Posted on 5/31/17)

Comfy & eye catching Review by Andrew

Very smooth all around. Looks & feels amazing. I enjoy feeling the Screwball pulling on my cock. The heavy weight leads to a natural stretch which I have to admit is good for my ego :)
This was my first order (3 pieces in total) & each one is amazing. Delivery was very fast as well.

(Posted on 5/31/17)

ALWAYS PLEASED Review by KonaDave

Love the MONSTER SCREWBALL RING I recently purchased. I purchased the 00guage and I am, as always, very pleased. I have purchased from CHAIN GANG many times. They always provide a superior product as well as exceptional customer service. Thank you.

(Posted on 5/23/17)

Holy balls, Batman! Review by Norm

Nothing like having a tug all day. The Monster Screwball Ring does not disappoint! Easy removal for play is a plus~

(Posted on 5/17/17)

00ga is a great product Review by LBarker

The workmanship is above standard, and I like the thicker Gage threaded stud. It's easier to tighten and will last longer. I love the weight of this screwball ring. All in all, I'm happy.

(Posted on 4/30/17)

Beautiful product Review by PA heaven

Great well made and easy to use ring. Provides great weight on my cock but can't leave inserted 24/7.

(Posted on 4/3/17)

Very nice. Review by Jack

The monster screwball rings
1"x 12.7 mil.
Are high quality. Good service from the CG crew.
Thank you.

(Posted on 3/27/17)

A Real monster Review by Big Gauge

My 1/2" gauge monster ring is great. Product quality is impeccable, and it went in without too much struggle (I don't have a 1/2" taper) because of that quality. The finish is excellent and the edges are buffed nicely. Plus the weight is fantastic! Goes well with an earlier 5/8" gauge ring. I'd just like to know, how much do these weigh?

(Posted on 3/18/17)

Great purchase ever. Review by Dsvid

I must say this PA is the best purchase I have made and am the most satisfied of any thing I have gotten form the Chain Gang. I have not taken it off since the day it came in the mail (in a timely manner) and I put in on. I love the quality and the weight is so perfect and hangs in such a way that it stimulates me the whole day long. My suggestion is that any man that wants to stay focused on his member this is a great way to keep centered on what matters. I love it.

(Posted on 3/15/17)

Monster Screwball Review by Bill

Purchasing earlier product the edges were not smooth or curved. This product is, and makes insertion to nipple much easier. So, I'll most likely get a 2nd soon.

(Posted on 3/14/17)

Best Screwball Ring Review by YinYang

Over the last few year, I've stretched my nipple piercings to (OMG) 5/8". Along the way I've purchased a few Monster Screwball Rings from various websites. The ones from Chain Gang are the best I've found. The ball is large compared to the ring which gives it a good look. Also the edges are smooth allowing for easier (and less painful) insertion.

(Posted on 3/4/17)

comfortable, well made, fast delivery Review by JT

00g 3/4" diameter. very happy with this... edges of ring are much more rounded than other screwball rings I've had, so it's much more comfortable to put on. screw seems sturdy and strong. fast delivery to the Netherlands!

(Posted on 2/11/17)

Amazing piece of jewelry Review by CarstenH

This review is reg monster screwball ring thickness 5/8 " and diameter 1": its beautiful beyond words, its so huge and so heavy: its so perfect to look at and to wear in my transscrotal: love it

(Posted on 1/18/17)

I love this jewelry Review by CarstenH

The monster Screwball ring is so beautifully made, its so BIG its so HEAVY and it does so much good for my transscrotal / highly recommended

(Posted on 1/17/17)

Great Product Review by Jp

Nice quality. Easy to put in or take off.

(Posted on 1/12/17)

Excellent Quality Review by TimDet

Bought the 00 gauge Monster Screwball to replace my curved barbell (lost one of the balls). Great heft, but, MUST remove when out for a run. Very satisfied.

(Posted on 1/10/17)

Excellent product Review by Skip

Excellent product

(Posted on 12/26/16)

Yuge! Review by Henry

After multiple holes morphed into one big one, I just had to get a 5/8" gauge monster ring. The jewelry's great--it looks good and is well-finished. Unfortunately, it's really heavy (as promised on the site) so I can't wear it every day. II'm afraid the fistula will open up completely, but will wear it as often as I can!

(Posted on 12/24/16)

Love It Review by Mike

The Monster is just what it says. Beautiful craftsmanship and a
terrific value..
An awesome product that anyone with a PA will love to wear.
Would love to have the same item made in acrylic with various sizes
and colors.

(Posted on 12/18/16)

Monster screwball...AWESOME Review by Mick

Well crafted piece....looks and feels unreal, goes perfectly with the 20 other piercings I have...

(Posted on 11/9/16)

Great service, great value Review by Nash

The 00 Monster Sreewball ring is a great piece and an outstanding value for the price. It's well made and mirror smooth. I highly recommend for gauging up your PA!!

(Posted on 9/9/16)

My favorite 00g jewelry Review by RaketeMann

Perfectly made piece of jewelry. I found this piece to be much easier to put in than others I have.

(Posted on 9/8/16)

I love it Review by Thunderhorse

I love it. And she does too

(Posted on 8/28/16)

WOW!! Review by BigDick

This thing is truly a monster. Glad I have the means to carry it around if you know what I mean. Huge ring and the weight is amazing!

(Posted on 8/23/16)

Fantasically beatiful Review by t-cat

I now have OO ga, 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch in 1/2 and 1 inch diameters. Every guy with a PA needs a Monster Screwball Ring - you'll love it. The weight and swing is fantastic, I'm aware of my dick 24/7. Buy one now!

(Posted on 8/18/16)

Love it Review by Calvin

I am amazed at the quality and weight of this ring. I increased my PA from a 00 gauge to a 1/2" gauge. It's enormous and although took some getting used to the weight but how it makes things hang. This is my 2nd purchase from the Chain Gang and won't be my last (ball stretchers next). Order was processed at an amazing speed and I received the product 2 days before tracking estimate receipt.

(Posted on 7/30/16)

Great! Review by BigA

Love it, 1/2" gauge, 1" inside diameter... big and heavy. First pa pulled...meatotomy.. now modified to a small subincision with the deep pa Interested in how it looks?
You can find out on, handle Artie66

(Posted on 7/10/16)

monster Review by kendall

old man and wife i started with 4 10 gauge in my scrotum yrs ago and like someone thats get a little tattoo u want more....same thing happened to me started with 10 gauge then wanted 8 gauge ring and then more so im up to 2 i/2 diameter 3/4 gauge monster in my scrotum side by side and 2 00 gauge rings below them 4 gauge and 8 gauge rings in my shaft...hope to upgrade them sooon.. the monster ring with the screw balls are the best ..hell i saw u offer 3/4 " diameter rings...i may have to work up to that size ...want 2 of the biggest rings made in my

(Posted on 7/5/16)

Monster ring Review by Rodnich58

Just got my monster ring looks and feels great

(Posted on 7/4/16)

Excellent Quality! Heavy Weight. Review by allenknowsbest

I bought the Monster to use as a glans ring on my cock head, and I have to day, this was a great buy!! The weight feels amazing on my cock and I can wear it all the time. It will give your dick a nice thick look and makes he head really pop. This is also really great to wear withy swimwear if you want to sho le off that cock head a bit. Very comfortable to wear and the steel is nice and shiny and will last a long time. I have not tried using this during sex yet, but I would expect that as long as you have a nice tight fit, it would work well for this too. Overall I say this a great buy, and give this an excellent rating.

(Posted on 7/3/16)

Wow Review by Jimbo

Well I live in the UK and Iv been looking for a 10mm monster ring for a while but I couldn't get one in the dimensions I wanted I like a snug fit in my pa and I came across this size I wanted but an American site I was a bit worried about ordering but I did the delivery said upto a month well I got it this morning bang on two weeks from when I ordered it the ring is super good quality and feels great also I want to give a thumbs up for the postage cost as I chose the cheapest which said no tracking and they gave me tracking with it over all I am extremely happy with my purchase and in future will always check the website for all my future purchases thanks again chain gang for top notch service.

(Posted on 6/14/16)

Great Review by Tj

A really beautifully made piece that fits quite comfortably. I have already suggested it to others, and will continue to do so.

(Posted on 6/6/16)

Super great Review by Jo

I bought this to use as a glan ring and with my mushroom head, the 1" works great and the weigh hanging from my cock while I am walking is hot. I am thinking about buying the heaviest to increase the weigh hanging down.

The quality of the product is super, easy to maintain and looks great hanging

(Posted on 5/24/16)

Love it! Review by Chris

The workmanship is above standard, and I like the thicker gage threaded stud. It's easier to tighten and will last longer. I love the weight of this screwball ring. All in all, I'm happy I decided to graduate up a size and really enjoy the look and feel of it. It was worth every penny.

(Posted on 5/17/16)

Extremely Pleased Review by Scooter

Received my order in very little time and am very pleased and satisied with it and the service I received from The Chain Gang. Uped my PA from a 0g to a 00g. It looks and feels great!!

(Posted on 4/2/16)

Great Product Review by PiercedPhD

I love the ring - it may be a bit too heavy for me. 00 fits and feels great, but there's some discomfort with this size. But that's not the problem of the jewelry! The ring is totally wonderful!

(Posted on 3/17/16)

Great pa ring top of weight ladder ...special shrt terms. Review by mfmphx

Won't go heavier to 11/16 as could cause problems.

(Posted on 3/17/16)

PERFECT Review by Wedge

Thanks for sending very quickly. Put it in straight away. Felt really comfortable. Great Product.

(Posted on 3/9/16)

Outstanding Review by Ed

Outstanding quality and great service, prompt delivery. Upgraded from 1/2 gauge and very pleased with my upgrade.

(Posted on 3/5/16)

Nice swing when walking Review by t-cat

I have the 5/8 gauge, 1 inch diameter. It feels fantastic, love the weight and the swing when walking. I've had the 1/2 circle ring for some time and thought I was stretched enough for the 5/8 - it goes in easily, but I can't piss without removing it. I plan to hang more weight on the 1/2 inch to achieve the desired stretch. The Monster Screwball Ring is the best product that I own - I love it and recommend it to everyone.

(Posted on 2/21/16)

good quality Review by gilles

I'm really happy with my purchase because the product quality is excellent and also the timeliness of shipments ....
I will continue to place orders for other products of interest me

(Posted on 2/19/16)

Outstanding 00g Ring Review by Manuel

Wow fantastic weight and quality. My favorite already just after a couple of days of wearing it.

(Posted on 1/26/16)

Love them! Review by shaunce

I Got the one gauge rings for my nipples; had never seen them before! Loved them so much I got 0 gauges for my nipps and a 00 for my P.A.! My new favorite jewelry!

(Posted on 1/21/16)

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