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MAXXX Powerful Nipple Suckers


MAXXX Powerful Nipple Suckers

Suck them harder baby! You won't have to say that if you are using the MAXX Powerful Nipple Suckers. These suckers will latch on and hang on while you lavish in every twist of the cap for the perfect nipple stimulation. Or, let your imagination run wild and use this sucker some where else. The suck is up to you.
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MAXXX Powerful Nipple Suckers are more than just for nipples. This pair of ABS Plastic suckers or super powerful and by just placing the base against the nipple and twisting the cap, you will get perfect suction and intense stimulation. If you are a nipple person, this is a must have. If you want to try the sucker on more than just nipples, give them a whirl. Just imagine what other areas you could pleasure with maximum suction power. This makes these suckers great for anyone's pleasure. Each turn of the cap is a devious sensation that will arouse and please. Measurements: 4 inch Overall Length 1.17 inch Inner Diameter

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