Lucite Labret Retainer

Lucite Labret Retainers are handy jewelry pieces made to keep and hide your labret piercing. Made of soft, comfortable material, these retainers are very easy to wear. Use them whenever you need to conceal your piercing.

Lucite Labret Retainers are soft and comfortable. They are ideal for all those situations in which you can’t wear your regular labret jewelry.

These retainers are made of clear Lucite and they consist of a small, flat clear disk on the front of the clear shaft. They are 3/8” long and held in place by an O-ring in the back.

These are ideal for many different situations. If you use makeup you can use the clear disk to blend in completely with your skin tone.

This retainer can be used for many different piercing types, such as lip and cheek piercings.

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