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Jupiter Eight Ball Penis Plug


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Jupiter Eight Ball Penis Plug is a premium urethral toy made for those who require the best. It includes 8 balls stacked one on top of the other that will provide the most pleasurable experience imaginable. The plug is hollow so all the fluids can pass freely. This is a perfect toy that will make you cum over and over again!

Jupiter Eight Ball Penis Plug

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Jupiter Eight Ball Penis Plug is a specially designed urethral toy made for intense but comfortable stimulation. It is 3 inches long and made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel so it’s body-friendly, safe and comfortable.

This plug comes with 8 sensual 10.7mm balls stacked one on top of the other for the most pleasurable experience imaginable.

This plug is hollow so all fluids can pass freely. It also means you can wear it for a prolonged period of time.

This is a great plug that will make you addicted to urethral stimulation!

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Customer Reviews

Tight Fit Review by Shawn

Just got this today. i used my king fire plug which i bought here to prep for this one. it goes up to 10mm. helped a lot. im fairly snug to start with. i had to work this new one for 20 mins before the first ball "popped" in. but once i got the second ball in the rest popped in one after the other slowly. worked it in and out a few times to get accustomed to it. i like that the end is round and nice and smooth, the king fire i found was to sharp of a point and a bit long for me to enjoy it. this one is more comfortable. going from 10mm to 10.7mm is actually fairly bigger but worth it to me!

(Posted on 8/31/17)

Nice but bigger please Review by KG

Nice fit but would be good to have different sizes, say 12mm, 13mm, 14mm.

(Posted on 8/18/17)

Nice Review by R

Moved up to this piece from 8mm screw in.

(Posted on 8/14/17)

Exhilarating!! Review by PlugginAway

It took a little bit of gentle force to get in being i've only had 10mm before and this is 10.7mm. Once the first ball popped thru, each one after that was ecstasy!

(Posted on 6/27/17)

10 MM fills my penis slit perfectly Review by chrome

I got this beauty the same week I ordered it. (LOVE that) It makes a popping sound when ever I'm slipping it in or out of my eager penis. My slit likes sucking it inside & gulping it down. This one is good for hours of sensual, provocative, sex play.

(Posted on 5/6/17)

Great piece Review by D

It took some time to get this in but now I can wear it for days. One improvement would be for the first bead. If you notice, it is flat. This makes it more difficult to insert. A tapered tip would make this piece perfect. Overall, fun to wear.

(Posted on 2/1/17)

The best Review by Zane

The best feeling ever great popping sensation when you remove it

(Posted on 11/2/16)

Cool fit Review by James

Best fit incredible feeling lovery the fit It pops goIng in

(Posted on 10/15/16)

Love the plug Review by MBJ

For my first 'plug' purchase, this is right as my limit. Length is nice, the gap between the last 'ball' and the "stopper" at the end is a nice touch. Would consider a longer version though.

(Posted on 9/18/16)

awesome plug Review by David

Love the finish. Great sensation as each Ball slips in or out. A good short sound.

(Posted on 9/17/16)

AWESOME Review by charles

I got this today and couldn't wait to try it.
I was worried about the size and length due to my first one was a but smaller. Once the first ball was in, it was it awesome watching the rest disappear. Loved the feeling and it looked nice. Love it, ill be back for more.

Thanks Chain Gang for great service.

(Posted on 5/19/16)

Perfect size Review by TOM

This is a nicely sized item. I can work up to an "11" rosebud sound and these beads are large enough that I know they're there without being painful or unpleasant. Nice and hefty feel to it as well that only adds to the excitement, especially when only slightly "chubbed" and the weight makes it feel fuller and heavier both. Quality of the product and overall finish are both superb as usual with anything I've gotten from the Chaingang. I doubt I'll wear this one out and about with no glans ring to hold it but for "hanging out" (pun intended!) around the house this is a fun one to have.

(Posted on 5/14/16)

Exciting Review by Bill

I've had this one awhile and have only recently successfully inserted completely with plenty of lube.... The feeling is intense painful/pleasure and cannot wait to try again...

(Posted on 3/15/16)

Underrated piece Review by Jimmy

I like the ~3/4" or so of narrow shaft at the top. Makes it so that my cock "gulps" the last bulge down its "throat" and then I gently guide the rest of its bulk down in.

Yes, "bulk." It's hefty!

I can't comment upon multi-day wear, as the piece doesn't stay inside of me well enough. I appear to have an unusually wide urethra, and that isn't CG's problem at all.

For me this is just a fantastic playtime toy.

(Posted on 2/15/16)

Now works great Review by Kenneth

I thought I'd be able to use this as-is. Didn't work out that way, but now, wow, it's nice.

I had to buff down all the bubbles just a snick for a medium "pop" fit. Then, I had blood after wearing it a while. Chopped two bubbles off the end and refinished. I could only conclude that the end of this was a bit too fat and the length just a bit too much- tore the urethral lining at the natural bend just a little deeper than the penis is long.

Now, it stays put, feels good, and looks cool with that pan head. Like all through hole plugs, it's kinda nice to pee without removing- I dunno, it makes you feel, like, part machine or something... somebody call me Terminator...

Nice piece, Chain Gang. Love moddable items like this.

(Posted on 3/18/14)

love it Review by whisledick

feels ole so good!!!!!

(Posted on 2/27/14)

Awesome Product Review by Tony

Just received this and as always awesome service and great product. This is one of the best pieces I have ordered and is so comfortable to wear it may not be taken out. Thanks again Chain Gang team for being #1

(Posted on 10/5/13)

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