Wondrous Ornament!

Well, I have the entire set (20mm, 30mm, and 40mm) and find the 40mm to be the best of the three. From the time I received my 20mm guy, I have worn one of them for 58 consecutive days (unless there is a metal detector problem, there is no reason to take it off). I have only a single (minor) nit to pick: the design (a pin and one hex-head screw) makes it a bit of a bother to put it on. But, DON'T SWEAT IT; with a bit of patience, you'll get it on and enjoy this wondrous ornament for a very long time. (Why, oh why, couldn't I have had one of these 50 years ago (I'm 71 now)? Sigh.)

I have to say....IT'S AWESOME WHEN THE P O S I T I V E REVIEWS ARE NOT SIMPLY CORRECT, BUT UNSERSTATED. Great job Sara & those who hired and trained you - I really appreciate it. You'll be getting more orders from me. JC

To whom this may concern: When I opened it I was shocked....it's even better in person, some of the pics don't do justice to most of your gold pieces if they all look as beautiful as this! I love it, and will be wearing it until I get another ring from you guys! The quality is great, and I love the fact that you guys carry unique jewelry, particularly in gold. Thanks a bunch, and you did a great job on having my navel ring sent before Christmas. Thanks again! Sincerely, Maggie Los Angeles, CA.

This is one company with a great product at great prices and a customer service department you can trust! This was my second order from The Chain Gang and know I am off to make my third order. Thanks everyone at The Chain Gang! Rock Omaha NE

Just got my barbells and put them in my nipples and guiche piercings. Awesome fit and quality!!!! Thanks Name Withheld

Russ and all! Received the monster screwball rings! Totally awesome--but you didn't already know that right? Now my ladder is all matching. What I had before was nice, but these I bought from The Chain Gang really take the standards to a new level. As always, I'm really pleased with the service, deals, quality and the products. Thanks Bruce San Diego

Great company, Great products This is my third order with Chain Gang. The service is always fast and accurate, with plenty of e-mails letting me know what's going on with my order. I always appreciate that. The product it's self is as described, and to me well made. I have worn it for 72 hrs straight so far with no problem of separation. I am hoping they make a 1/2 inch diameter plug soon !

I just received my order and wanted to tell you how pleased I am! The jewelry was exactly as advertised, well-packaged, and beautiful. I am already enjoying one of my new pieces. I will definitely order from you again, and I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for quality body jewelry. A new satisfied customer, Gabrielle Kaasa Piekarski North Carolina

Russ, Is was well worth the two week wait for the custom made piece. O.M.G., absolutely fantastic. The best ever for a PA! Tim

Hey Chain Gang, Just open the package I'd been so looking forward to receiving from you folks since I placed my order on your website back on Jan 6th. I am so thrilled to find the ring I ordered to be exactly everything I hoped it be. It fits perfectly, has the weight and the look I wanted so much, and the level of quality and craftsmanship is A+, top notch. Thank you for your kind, prompt, and stellar service. You'll be the first place I come to when I'm ready to move up to my next ring! Cheers! Name Withheld

Just wanted to let you know (as this is my first order from your company), I received the order and was completely pleased! Actually, it is nothing short of HOT! Keep up the good work. Thank you. Happy Christmas, Robert, Palm Springs, CA

Russ, I received my jewelry today and was amazed at the level of workmanship and quality. I have looked and bought jewelry at other places on the net, but have made the decision to make my future purchases from your company. Thank you for offering a quality product at a reasonable price. You will get my referrals from this point on! Chris

Just a quick letter to tell you how pleased I am with the jewelry I ordered for my wife. She has her eyebrow pierced, and wanted something "different." I ordered her the gold gem set fixed ring, and when it came in the mail (rather quickly I might add) she was extremely happy. It was EXACTLY what I wanted for her. The little black box it came in was a nice touch too. There is no doubt that the ring I ordered is high quality, and it's beautiful! Your customer service is outstanding also! Everytime she had a question, there was an answer within 24 hours after e-mailing you. I know she will be the envy of all her friends. Thanks so much! I will recommend your site to anyone looking for body jewelry of quality. Sincerely, John and Chris

I recently received my navel orbital from you guys and I LOVE it. I got the "Wings Of An Angel". Once my piercer took out my CBR and put my wings in, he said "now that looks kick ass". This is coming from a guy that sees MANY pieces of jewlery. I will never buy anywhere else and I highly recommended you to ALL of my friends. Thanks for providing me with such unique and splendid a piece of jewlery. AngelWoutWingz Oklahoma

wow ...thanks a lot Russ. You guys are all right! Actually even better than all right. I appreciate the replacement ring. This gesture only confirms my feeling that you guys are, "THE Body Jewelry" site on the internet.. Pete Doonis Johnson, Vermont