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Igors Revenge


Quick Overview

Igor’s Revenge is a powerful penis plug made for experienced users. This is an extra-long urethral toy that will go truly deep and provide the most intense experience imaginable. It offers extra long length and it includes 3 humps made for additional stimulation. This is a very special penis plug made for those who want to take urethral stimulation to a new level.

Igors Revenge

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Igor’s Revenge is a big penis plug made for more experienced users. It comes in 2 sizes Small and Large. Small is 6 inches in length, with 3 graduating humps that measure 8mms, 9mms, & 10mms. It also has a 16mm ball on the end for added weight and sensations. The Large is is 7 1/4 inches in length, with 3 graduating humps that measure 14mms, 16mms, & 18mms. It also has a 27mm ball on the end for added weight and sensations. Both are extra-long so it can go truly deep and provide the most intense stimulation.

It can truly hit all the right spots and make you cum like never before.

This plug is hollow so all the fluids can flow freely.

The toy is made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel so it’s body-friendly, safe and durable. This is a piece that will last a lifetime!

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Customer Reviews

Awesome Weight Just Lube up and direct tip to P hole. Review by David

Igor's Revenge the Large one has awesome weight jut Lube up and direct tip to Pee hole and let gravity take over as each of the Humps pop through. To remove just stand up and be ready to catch it as it slowly slips out with a load of cum.

(Posted on 9/10/18)

Wanted to share a woman’s perspective Review by *lady review*

I was looking for reviews from women when I first purchased, but I guess I must be the first. Despite being described as an advanced piece, I found the gradual tapers over the first ~2” very compatible with my anatomy. Would definitely recommend for women.

(Posted on 6/12/18)

Large is Way Bigger Than The Small in The Photo Review by C+

Well, I ordered and promptly received the Large version. It arrived in perfect shape and the workmanship is excellent. I have ordered numerous sounds from CG over the years and their level of quality has not changed at all; It is always very, very good.

Be Advised: The Large version is NOT like the lithe little number shown in the illustration, which has to be the small 8, 9, 10mm.

The Large, while definitely longer, LOOKS substantially wider and shorter in RL than the picture. I'm looking at the Large right now on my desk as I type this. It's a question of proportion. You could knock a dog out with this thing! I am able to comfortably accommodate 12 and 13 mm sounds, but this jump to 14mm is taking some time, even while using other intermediate sounds to work up to the 14. Make sure you lube it within an inch of its life.

The Small version is like Michelle Phillips compared to the Large which is more like Mama Cass, for those who remember.

This toy now goes into the Soon box for a while. I have several toys in that category that I got from Chain Gang, ie. something to look forward to. Winter is long, up here.

Igor's Revenge definitely deserves the five-star rating simply on the basis of quality and the promise of things (14, 15.5, and 18mm!!) to come, as it were. In the meantime, I intend to order the Small simply because I am intrigued by the shape.

Recommendation: It's a Buy for those with plenty of experience in sounding.

Russ, the Large definitely needs to be alongside the Small in the same picture. What I got was definitely not what I thought I was buying. No criticism intended or implied. It's just a question of optics.

Best to you and Sara, as always.

(Posted on 3/19/18)

Igors revenge rating. Review by onepopsup

Nice new toy . Enjoy the sensation. It slid in so easy a nice fit. Wife is a little reluctant to use it but watching the cum shoot from the end is hot when getting a hand job

(Posted on 2/25/15)

Perfect Review by Green225

Like the length and the graduated size from tip to end. The last bump is sublime.

(Posted on 10/9/14)

Fun to play with! Review by Bohica

My 4th sound from The Chain Gang and 7th product overall. Obviously glad I found this site on the web!! The product arrived very quickly as usual and was true to its description. This is a fun sound to play with! The length is good for my size cock and the 3 flares that increase in size make for some stimulating challenges. I have a slight upward curvature to my erection so I have to be careful when fully inserting this sound past "the curve." But the hollow tip of the sound is polished and smooth so it is not painful or cutting. It's fun to fully insert this sound so the ball is resting on the head of my cock and then "flex" to make the first couple of inches pop out. While masturbating, I can feel the flares inside my urethra, and using a little firmer grip can actually "pull" the sound back inside after popping it out. Fun!!

(Posted on 4/13/14)

Awesom Review by Dude

this is a killer sound had me off in no time. sensations I never felt with any others.

(Posted on 1/9/14)

Super Hard Review by DC

I got it in easily with an inch to spare then held up for about 5 minutes because I thought I would explode early. What a surge! I gave it a little push and it went all the way down. I edged for about 25 minutes with a super hard rager, then blew a huge load. Perfect fit for me. The hole is a must. Thanks much, great product.

(Posted on 12/18/13)

Fantastic Review by Marshall

Laying on my back, holding my cock straight up (90 degree angle from my body), I inserted the tip of IGOR into my urethra, then, letting ONLY gravity do the insertion, my job was only to keep IGOR upright, I let IGOR slip in till he was about 1 inch further in me than the length of my cock, at this point I leaned IGOR towards my knees till my cock was at about a 45 degree angle to my body, at which point Gravity did the rest, as Sheldon said "Ah gravity, thou art a heartless bitch", at this point, the only part of IGOR that can be seen is the 5/8" ball resting on the head of my cock. The sensation was incredible, unfortunately, my urethra is large enough that IGOR would not stay when I stood up, STILL WELL WORTH THE $$ FOR ME. Thank You "The Chain Gang"

(Posted on 11/24/12)

First Time Experience Review by Siegfried

Refer to my previous comment. I cleaned and lubed it. Starting slow the sensation was ecstatic. Moving it down until the end of Igor was the only thing showing. I started masturbating, 5 minutes into it I came but there was blood mixed with my cum. Finally I stopped bleeding , but the inside of my penis was sensative. Now after a week , I am going to try it again! this time I think I will just insert it and walk and do my daily events for a few days with Igor. Then I might masturbate again.

(Posted on 9/29/12)

Just what I need! Review by Siegfried

Just received Igor; cleaned it and lubed it up wth good old KY! Inserted it. What a sensation! I got to the last hump and could not get it in. But through time and working on it; I think I'll get it all the way in. That way I can wear it all day long! People will never know what I have on! My own little secret! I cannot wait to urinate and orgasm thru it! Just the thought of watching my cum erupt from the head of Igor will be a big turn on for me! The 6 inch length is more than enough for a beginner

(Posted on 9/20/12)


I am certain that this will be great. We are both new to this type of play. I can't wait for my wife to try it out on me.

(Posted on 8/14/12)

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