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Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight


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Get your easy to use Hinged Ball Stretchers and start stretching today! Equipped with an easy open and close hinge this ball weight makes stretching even easier than before. Just read the full description below. Available in various sizes (see size specifications below).

Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight

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An easy open hinge makes this ball stretcher a breeze to use! Just hold your sac away from the hinge when you close it, then lock it tight, and your good to go. The Hinged Ball Stretcher comes in a variety of size options, great for all day stretching or temporary sensation, ready to stack or use alone. See size specifications below. Made out of 316LVM Surgical Steel this piece offers you tons of enjoyment. It is a very loose hinge so that you can put it on very easily, then just close and only have one screw to deal with.

Orders Outside the USA may incur additional shipping charges due to the weight of some of the sizes. The charge usually ranges from $3.00 to $15.00 additional. If you need to know before ordering just email your country and the items you would like to order and we will be happy to tell you if there is any additional shipping.


Height x Inside Diameter                    Approximate Weight

10 x 26                                                     4.3 Ounces
10 x 28                                                     4.5 Ounces
10 x 30                                                     4.5 Ounces
10 x 32                                                     4.9 Ounces
10 x 34                                                     5.0 Ounces

10 x 36                                                     5.3 Ounces
10 x 38                                                     5.6 Ounces
10 x 40                                                     5.8 Ounces

14 x 30                                                     6.9 Ounces

15 x 26                                                     6.6 Ounces
15 x 28                                                     4.5 Ounces
15 x 30                                                     6.9 Ounces
15 x 32                                                     7.2 Ounces
15 x 34                                                     7.5 Ounces
15 x 36                                                     7.8 Ounces
15 x 38                                                     8.3 Ounces
15 x 40                                                     8.4 Ounces

20 x 26                                                     8.3 Ounces
20 x 28                                                     9.0 Ounces
20 x 30                                                     9.7 Ounces
20 x 32                                                     9.8 Ounces
20 x 34                                                     10 Ounces
20 x 36                                                     10.2 Ounces
20 x 38                                                     11.3 Ounces
20 x 40                                                     11.9 Ounces

28 x 30                                                     14.1 Ounces

30 x 26                                                     12.9 Ounces
30 x 28                                                     13.8 Ounces
30 x 30                                                     14.5 Ounces
30 x 32                                                     15.0 Ounces
30 x 34                                                     15.5 Ounces
30 x 36                                                     15.3 Ounces
30 x 38                                                     1 Pound .10 Ounces
30 x 40                                                     1 Pound 1.6 Ounces

40 x 28                                                     1 Pound 2.2 Ounces
40 x 30                                                     1 Pound 2.9 Ounces
40 x 32                                                     1 Pound 4.0 Ounces
40 x 34                                                     1 Pound 5.0 Ounces
40 x 36                                                     1 Pound 4.5 Ounces
40 x 38                                                     1 Pound 5.2 Ounces
40 x 40                                                     1 Pound 6.6 Ounces

42 x 30                                                     1 Pound 6.9 Ounces
42 x 35                                                     1 Pound 8 Ounces
42 x 40                                                     1 Pound 10 Ounces

50 x 26                                                     1 Pound 2 Ounces
50 x 28
50 x 30                                                     1 Pound 6.7 Ounces
50 x 32                                                     1 Pound 9.3 Ounces
50 x 34                                                     1 Pound 10.0 Ounces
50 x 36                                                     1 Pound 10.3 Ounces
50 x 38                                                     1 Pound 12.6 Ounces
50 x 40                                                     1 Pound 13.8 Ounces

56 x 30                                                    1 Pound 11.6 Ounces
56 x 35                                                    1 Pound 15 Ounces
56 x 40                                                    2 Pounds 2.2 Ounces


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Customer Reviews

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Hinged ball stretchers Review by iangecko1

I ordered 2 of the 10mm 38mm ID hinged ball stretchers. They have arrived within the specified time...great service. They are easy to fit and are very comfortable. They will be a great addition as gradual weight increases for my two 20mm stretchers.

(Posted on 8/23/16)

A bit small Review by berry

A little small inside diameter should be 45 mm or 50mm , but feels good

(Posted on 8/14/16)

excellent product Review by MaxS

I had made a mistake in my measurement and it was impossible to fit. Quick and easy return and exchange-thank you. The new one is still a bit snug but after a while I don't even notice anymore. Well-made product, comfortable to wear. Won't be my last purchase.

(Posted on 8/9/16)

Sizing Problems Review by Wayne

Unfortunately I did not see the note on sizing that you should order based on 75 to 80% of your actual diameter. So I just guessed and got a 20x34. Never could get it on. Much to small. I know I could return it for a larger size but decided to hang it from a silicone cock ring ball stretcher combo I have while I order a larger size to try and get some stretching going. Again, unfortunately, the weight is much to light so this time I am ordering a 70x40 bullet, just hoping I can get my nuts in it and get some real pull on them. Quality and service is good, I am just new at the stretching and sizing. Would be good if there were photos something showing how to put the ball stretchers on, maybe I am still doing something wrong. Even using the 75% I still get that I need a 50mm diameter, but the largest CG has is a 40mm. My package really is not unusually large, so I must be doing something wrong.

(Posted on 7/28/16)

great Review by shortwick

I got two hinged ball stretchers 15x34 .I put them on in the morning and have them on all day, when I get home from work my boyfriend loves to suck on my nuts

(Posted on 7/14/16)

Excellent Review by Bob

This is my 2nd ball stretcher from The Chain Gang. The first was a 2 piece and this one is twice the width but is hinged. Both are excellent quality. The hinged one is easier to put on but I can use the 2 piece one behind it and it goes on easily...just have to adjust to the extra weight.

(Posted on 7/13/16)

great Review by Buddy

I have 2 15x34 ,I were them all day THEIR GREAT

(Posted on 7/8/16)

Great! Review by Larry

Great product...easy to get on ...just enough stretch....feels great when going commando.!!!!!

(Posted on 6/20/16)

Great product and customer support Review by David

So, this was my first ball stretcher I ordered from The Chain Gang. After I placed my order initially, I decided to switch sizes and contacted customer service. They handled my request with no problems and I received the 20x38 hinged ball stretcher promptly. The quality, fit, and appearance are all amazing. I've already ordered another; try one you will not be disappointed!

(Posted on 6/15/16)

Very good Review by Henri

Excellent quality, price

(Posted on 6/14/16)

Excellent quality Review by George

Ordered a 20x32. Think I should have ordered a 20x38/40. Can't get it on.

(Posted on 6/11/16)

Great product Review by Hanging

Ok great product. Good quality and design. Easy to put on by yourself. Careful with the hinge, could pinch a bit. I have the small height, 15+38 till later, then I will stack to get max weight I can take. It fits so good you can leave on for a long time. Great for going commando.

(Posted on 5/17/16)

perfect! Review by Matt

Perfect product. The tug is substantial. Great customer service!

(Posted on 5/11/16)

Excellent Review by Don

I got my 30 x 36mm hinged ball stretcher and it works great! It's fairly easy to put on and I love the feel of the weight pulling on my balls. I can't wait to use it with my 20 x 36mm hinged should be awesome.
Thanks Chain Gang for an excellent product!

(Posted on 4/20/16)

Great weight Review by Donald

I purchased the 30X34 size and was excited when it arrived really quick. At first I thought the size too small, then I read a review that suggested using lotion on the scrotum to help ease the stretcher on without worked. The weight tugging on my sack is great and I plan to order more soon to keep stretching. Thanks Gang for a great product!

(Posted on 4/15/16)

Great as per usual. Review by Soulful88

Once again, I'm pleased with my purchase from T.C.G. Outstanding quality, comfort and speedy shipping with tracking.

I enjoy the sensation of stacking my 42mm with my new 20mm. Looking forward to trying it with my new t.c.g 5mm cockring as well.

Thanks again for exceeding my expectations T.C.G

(Posted on 4/9/16)

As always, an amazing piece Review by Fox

As always, the Chain Gang held up to their standards and quality. What an amazing piece to the collection. I actually had to return this one for one slightly bigger as I couldn't get this one around my balls. Nothing on their part just poor measuring on my part. But of course keeping true to their customer service, I was able to return this for one that fits. What a great company.

(Posted on 4/2/16)

Very pleased Review by Cal

Other than the fact that the first one I purchased was a bit big and the second one I got is a little tight, I'm very happy. Like the other reviews getting used to putting it on and not pinching the skin was a trick. But I think having the correct size will rectify the issue. Can't wait for the return to go through so I can get the new one.

(Posted on 3/30/16)

Best available Review by terry

I have been into ball stretching for years. These are easily the best ones available. I have purchased several from the Chain Gang. The comfort and ease of use is so far above the rest on the market that it just doesn't make sense to buy anywhere else. Add to that the awesome customer service and quick delivery, should make it one of the easiest buying decisions you will ever make. Order one-you won't be sorry!

(Posted on 3/8/16)

Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight Review by Aim To Please

Was waiting for my toy to come in the mail. Finally received it. Excellent product and it fits like a glove. I love well made products. Perfect. I am sure I will be ordering more toys from the chain gang.

(Posted on 2/22/16)

Very comfortable Review by Bruce

Ordered this and it arrived quickly. The edges are nicely rounded and don't irritate. The only possible improvement would be if the screw was threaded so that it can't come completely out. Very happy with this purchase.

(Posted on 2/16/16)

excelent product Review by fernando

very good

(Posted on 2/9/16)

excellant Review by Foxx

These weights are great at first I had a little Trouble getting them on, but now it's no problem. I bought the 56X40 and the 40X40 and just ordered the 30X40 I will double up on these combos. I love the weight the way they pull on my balls. I can wear the smaller ones for almost 24 hrs, and just love them pulling on my sac.

(Posted on 2/4/16)

Outstanding product & service! Review by cfpdc

This was a first-time purchase of a product like this. Initially, after following instructions for how to measure for size, I ordered a 20X32 and 30X32; that way I could vary between 20mm, 30mm & 50mm as my stretching progressed. The 20X32 I was able to put on, thought snug, and I really enjoyed the tug. But, it did seem to restrict circulation enough that I couldn't wear it too long. The 30X32 I couldn't even get on, no matter how many different ways I tried. After contacting Customer Service, they recommended I return them for a larger size, so I did. I reordered a 20X36 and 30X36, along with a couple of extra screws (I recommend this!), and they both went on much better. Using Shea Butter is a good help. I've even been able to wear the 20X36 nearly all day, the 30X36 for fewer hours, and the two of them combined for just a short time. The feeling is amazing, and I look forward to developing an expanded stretch so as to wear the heavier weights for longer periods. Love the tug & swing, the product quality is top-notch, and the Chain Gang's Customer Service is fantastic! Thank you, Chain Gang!

(Posted on 1/30/16)

Very comfortable Review by 75 Low

Hinged are easier to put on than the 2 piece. Very comfortable. Used it for a short time so I haven't noticed any difference yet. Already planning on a heavier one soon. Great product Chain Gang!

(Posted on 1/28/16)

Good Review by Bent

Purchased the 30 X 40 ring fits well use caution when closing it up. Wonderfull product want to wear all the time.

(Posted on 1/8/16)

Really Great Item Review by MowerGuy4

I rate this 5 because of the obvious quality and the efficient delivery. Unfortunately, this is my first venture into stretching, and I under-estimated the dimensions of my anatomy and have never quite got it to install. I'll order (not exchange) the next larger diameter soon. I suspect that if the weight performs as I hope, I think this will fit in the future. It is certainly a beautiful item.

(Posted on 12/30/15)

Really enhances intercourse Review by Jeff

My partner really enjoys having the stretcher weights slamming against his body when we're having intercourse. And I enjoy the pulling weight on my balls keeping them from retracting when I orgasm. Its hot.

(Posted on 12/26/15)

Loving it so far Review by Mark

Great looking, wife loves the way it smacks her juicy pussy when I'm fucking her tasty little asshole.
Could not be happier. Mine is just 10mmx38, going up to a 20mm soon

(Posted on 12/10/15)

Excellent Review by WLH

I have a two piece ball stretcher approx 1lb and I have a hinged ball stretcher that I think for stacking makes it easier to put on. For those that complain about pinching, try a little lotion in side the stretchers. It makes it allot easier to put on. I think I'm about ready to order again and add on to my "stack."

(Posted on 12/7/15)

great fit and weight Review by BootWolf

wear it for hours with no problems

(Posted on 12/5/15)

Too Small Review by Don

Were too small but the hinge does pinch. Good idea just didn't work for me.

from Management;
You can exchange it for the correct size for 30 days with us.

(Posted on 12/4/15)

Easy, Comfortable Review by DLPers

Hinges work well for me. It is much easier to put on that my old 2 piece. It's a very comfortable ride. No pinching for me.

(Posted on 12/4/15)

Good product Review by lawman5297

These folks are really good to work with. This was my first purchase of this kind of device. The first one I ordered was too big. They exchanged it and my next one is perfect. Very well made and excellent quality. Good price as well.

(Posted on 11/19/15)

quality product Review by lawman

First let me say The Chain Gang provides great customer service as well as quality products. The first one of these I purchased (and my first one) was too large in ID. The let me return it for a smaller one and it id perfect. These are very well made and are a high quality product. It was a little tricky to get on without pinching the boys but I think I have a good idea of how to do it. Once on it was very comfortable to wear. Highly recommend this product. Very satisfied.

(Posted on 11/8/15)

Great craftsmanship Review by Trip

Love this product. Very well made.

(Posted on 11/7/15)

Quality Product Review by Jim

A high quality piece of craftsmanship at a very reasonable price. Easy to put on with a little care The boys certainly enjoy the weight also.

(Posted on 10/28/15)

Nice tug Review by Oliver

Got my first Ball Weight yesterday and love lit. The weight is pulling nicely and the overall feel is great. Went heavy right away with a 50 x 38.
Can only recommend it.

(Posted on 10/20/15)

Excellent Product Review by JB

I had never ordered a ball stretcher/weight before and found after some research. The site and their products got positive reviews and I can't agree more.

As I am a beginner, I ordered the 28mm x 30mm after reading how to size. It took a moment to figure our to put on and did pinch myself some. But the moment I got it on, I knew I was hooked and never wanted to take it off. The weight feels amazing on your balls and love having it between my legs. I can wear for extended periods of time, even running and at work.

Once I get stretched out some, I will definitely order another. Made great and great customer service and shipping.

(Posted on 9/9/15)

Outstanding. Literally and Figuratively Review by Soulful

I am thoroughly satisfied with both the product and the ordering/delivery process.
I have the 42mmx40mm weight, that fits like a glove. Was a piece of cake to "install" and quite a gratifying experience to see and feel my nutsack framed in nearly 2lbs of this high quality armour. Now all I need is a regular cutie to install it for me.

My only regret is not going on a shopping spree with the subsequent 15% discount.

Suggestions for future:
- Anodized Black, Gun Metal and Blue.
- Extra/spare hex key
- Custom engravings.
- Combo ball weight and Cockring offers.
- X rated gallery for pleased customers to model their Chain Gang treasures..

(Posted on 8/25/15)

good value Review by gmbear

i purchased the 56mm x40...have used several different metal weights in the past. this is the best fit and easiest to apply weight i have encountered. was comfortable 24-7. but needs to be removed for vigorous cleaning at least weekly... i put it in the dish washer on sterilize cycle. would definitely recommend and will be purchasing more as stretch increases. love the tug and swing.

(Posted on 8/21/15)

whet a stretch Review by deep terk

wow...i now have 2 20x40 rings and wear them with another stretcher that makes for almost 2 1/2 lbs stretching my balls. can't wear them 24/7 yet but i am working on it. I love the way my balls swing even when i take them off.

(Posted on 8/13/15)

Great Review by Vic59

Great product I highly recommend it

(Posted on 8/12/15)

love it Review by stretched

I love it, After i got past the pinching stage i love the way it feels and stretches me. I am already wearing it 24/7 and my partners love the way it slaps their ass. I'm going to buy more very soon.

(Posted on 7/27/15)

Another outstanding shopping experience. Review by Grumpi

Excellent quallity, very fast shipping. I love the ease of use of the hinged ball stretcher weights, and the incidence of pinching is so much less than the 2 piece.
Your team overall is fantastic.

(Posted on 7/23/15)

Great! Review by Gary

Love the 28mm x 35mm hinged ball stretcher weight, added on top of the 40mm donut weight . I lost the retaining screw so I sent The Chain Gang an email describing what part I needed, and they sent it out right away, got the screw by the end of the week. Thanks, Chain Gang. Keep up the great products and service.

(Posted on 7/19/15)

A comfortable, classy Ball Weight Review by Charlie

I've never worn a metal ball-stretching weight before, and so took a chance that I'd enjoy wearing one while working at stretching my tight, close-hanging ball sack. So I recently searched the internet and found The Chain Gang, and ordered the Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight with great anticipation. When it arrived, I was greatly excited, and couldn't wait to try it on! I'm impressed by the looks of it, and its weight was not at all uncomfortable as it hung on my balls for several days. The only thing I found a bit awkward was working with the hinged top section, getting it to line up correctly with the bottom half while carefully trying not to get my skin or pubic hairs caught and painfully pinched in the process. I think it would just take a little bit more practice to learn to do it smoothly.

I also learned with this, my first-ever ball weight, that I need to be more careful in measuring the circumference of my ball sack and determining the right size weight. The one I purchased has a diameter too large, and so a couple of times I found my right ball (the non-dominant one) had slipped through the weight's opening! Not only is that uncomfortable, but it's also embarrassing. I've since purchased a couple more ball weights from The Chain Gang, with a smaller diameter that was determined with more precision, and have found these to be the perfect fit! I even went swimming today with them on underneath my Speedo-style swimming trunks, my balls and weights comfortably nestled inside a sexy thong worn for support underneath the swimming trunks ... and the two 32mm-diameter by 15mm wide 2-piece rings kept their place firmly and faithfully. I am truly pleased!

I'd like to return the Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight for a smaller diameter one, which I hope to be able to wear sometime in conjunction with the 2-Piece Ball Stretcher Weights, when the day arrives that my ball sack has stretched enough!

(Posted on 7/11/15)

Love the hinges. so easy to put on, can almost do it 1 handed (lol) . Review by Grumpi

There could be a slight more bevel, so that it does not cut in en the scrotum.Maybe i am the only one with the problem. otherwise they are great.. Look great too.
5 stars on the concept.

(Posted on 7/9/15)

All Day Comfort Review by Druid

Started with 2-piece stretchers - talk about pinches!! Then found ChainGang's hinged beauties. With a little bit of care you can get them on in about a minute without any pinching and they provide a good tug and feel...look good, too. Started with the 14 x 40 and 28 x 40, then the two together (but some pinching between them. Graduated to the 42 x 40 and the 56 x 40. A while with the 28 and then swap out for the 42. After about 90 minutes my boys are ready for the 56. What a fabulous tug!! The boys are already hanging lower after only 6 weeks and when the weight isn't on and they draw up a bit (not totally) they are bigger and well as lower. My only suggestion, ChainGang, is give us something larger in a hinged stretcher, maybe a 90 and a 105? Stacking the 56 and the 14 or 28 carries the threat of pinching between the rings.

All in all, expensive but worth every penny!!

(Posted on 7/7/15)

IncrediBALLS Review by The Wild One

Incredibly easy access to an equally incredible sensation... My mistress LOVES LOVES LOVES my balls even more than before when she orders me into this "ball-donut". So comfortable (and arousing) that I can and will wear it all day and night.

(Posted on 6/30/15)

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