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Hide Your Piercing

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  1. Hider Plug

    Hider Plug


    Hider Plug is a great way to conceal your piercing. This comfortable plug will hide and keep your piercing until you are ready to insert a more noticeable jewelry piece. Learn More
  2. Bioplast Nostril Retainer

    Bioplast Nostril Retainer


    Bioplast Nostril Retainers are a great way to hide and keep your nose piercing. Use them for work or any other situation in which you can’t wear your regular nostril jewelry. The retainers are soft and comfortable so you will sure enjoy them. Learn More
  3. Clearance - Lucite Tongue Retainer

    Clearance - Lucite Tongue Retainer

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    Special Price: $12.59

    Lucite Tongue Retainers are comfortable jewelry pieces made for hide and keep your tongue piercing. They are lightweight and difficult to notice, so you can wear them whenever you need to keep your piercing discreet. Learn More
  4. Lucite Labret Retainer

    Lucite Labret Retainer


    Lucite Labret Retainers are handy jewelry pieces made to keep and hide your labret piercing. Made of soft, comfortable material, these retainers are very easy to wear. Use them whenever you need to conceal your piercing. Learn More

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Why Hide Your Piercing?

There are many reasons why you might need to hide your piercing. Many job situations or other occasions require you to have discreet jewelry or not to have any piercings at all. In these situations it is useful to hide your piercing jewelry. At the same time, taking jewelry off completely may not be practical because it may lead to hole shrinkage. In these situations, it is useful to wear hider jewelry.

How to Hide Your Piercing?

The best way to hide your piercing is by using special hider jewelry pieces. These pieces are made to be discreet. Many are transparent so they are barely visible when inserted in your piercing. The best hider jewelry pieces are various retainers and hider plugs.

What are Retainers?

Retainers are special jewelry pieces made for keeping and hiding your piercing. Retainers are typically made of soft, flexible and transparent material so they are very discreet. There are many different retainers, depending on the jewelry style you need to wear in a specific piercing.