Heavy Duty Hegars For Big Boys

Heavy Duty Hegars for Big Boys are powerful sounds made for deep urethral stimulation. They are 8 inches long each and they can provide intense urethral stimulation. Choose between 18 different sizes that will sure satisfy you to the fullest!

Heavy Duty Hegars for Big Boys is an excellent collection of powerful urethral sounds made for all fans of deep stimulation. There are 9 sounds in the kit, but each one has ends of different sizes, so it’s like getting 18 pieces.

The sounds are 8 inches long and have a slight curve. They are all made of high-quality 316L Surgical Steel so they are medical-grade, safe and durable.

The sizes of the sounds are: 12 - 12.5, 13 - 13.5, 14 - 14.5, 15 - 15.5, 16 - 16.5, 17 -17.5, 18 - 18.5, 19 - 19.5, 20 - 20.5.

These sounds are ideal for those who always crave for more. They will bring you deep erotic pleasure once you work your way up to them. Specially designed for all men who wish to try these big sounds and take as much as they can handle!

Orders Outside the USA will incur additional shipping charges due to the weight of these items. Email us your country and the items you would like and we will be happy to tell you the shipping charge.
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