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Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher


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Step up your ball stretching game with the Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher and getting the most intense tugging sensations you can imagine with the "Worlds Most Comfortable Ball Weight" all in one!

Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher

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Get the Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher and feel the stretch like never before with its increased weight that will make that tugging sensation even more intense! Made from 316L Surgical Steel with a two piece design these weights are made tough. Just fit the two pieces together directly over your testicles and secure it with the inset hidden screw using the included allen wrench. The heaviness of this weight may eliminate the need to wear multiple stretchers to achieve the same result, however you can of course stack them as always if desired (and if you can handle it). The "Worlds Most Comfortable Ball Weight" just got better!

40 mm x 26 mm 2 Pounds 3.4 Ounces
40 mm x 28 mm 2 Pounds 5.3 Ounces
40 mm x 30 mm 2 Pounds 6.0 Ounces
40 mm x 32 mm 2 Pounds 7.3 Ounces
40 mm x 34 mm 2 Pounds 8.0 Ounces
40 mm x 36 mm 2 Pounds 8.4 Ounces
40 mm x 38 mm 2 Pounds 9.6 Ounces
40 mm x 40 mm 3 Pounds 0.9 Ounces
40 mm x 42 mm 3 Pounds  2.1 Ounces

Product Questions

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I'm sorry Sara I must be blind. I've parsed this page line by line but I don't see any weights for these heavy stretchers. Can you be more specific?
The weights for each individual Heavy duty do not show up in the size selection or description.
How much heavier is this than the Donut weight?
How come that the weight of the ring gets higher when the inside diameter is getting wider?
Or is the decription wrong?
this are only available with 40mm high?? not 60 or 70mm?
What is total diameter of this piece from the outside edges for the 32mm size?
Does the heavy 40 x 40 donut have a larger outside diameter than a regular 40 x 40 donut? How much larger?

Customer Reviews

Great Review by pc

Unreal stretch & really comfortable

(Posted on 3/21/18)

I want more!!! Review by John

I love my super heavy weight so much that I just ordered a second one.

(Posted on 3/21/18)

Not just another shiny thing Review by Mark

So, like most guys, I have a small collection of 7 or 8 metal ball weights. For sure, a few are my 'go to' to wear to the gym, or the office, or sleeping. I usually select one or two to wear when I lay out my clothes for the next day.
This Heavy Duty Ball Stretcher is different than all of the others!!! It's a beast and I mean that in a good way! As soon as it arrived I put it on my scale. The 40 x 36 checked in at 2 lbs, 13 oz!!! A bit off the chart, but no complaint from me!!!
Jumped in the shower, cleaned up my private parts, and bolted on the fine piece of steel!! My balls could handle the tug for about 6 hours before they started to complain. The next day, they got more comfortable. After a week, I can sleep with nearly 3 lbs on my sack!! Daytime is just as easy. Needless to say, the new HD addition to my ball weight collection is my choice for many occasions!
Don't forget that's it's heavy and big. Definitely will attract attention from women and men. Not a bad deal at all

(Posted on 3/12/18)

BRAVO BRAVO ! Review by Rick

Good job on the new Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher! Bravo! Just received my new 40mm x 42mm today, warmed it
up under hot water and put it on. Fabulous feel, just perfect. Even heavier wouldn’t be a bad idea for continuous wear. Same
height so it isn’t so noticeable. I could easily handle 4 lbs all day. I will likely order another just like this new one and wear
them stacked for a good all day 6 lb tug when not in public. Well done! I love it already!! You DO listen to your customers! Thank you!

(Posted on 3/11/18)

Great weight Review by Foxx

I am wearing it now and feels great a nice hard pull on my nuts. Very comfortable the shape is fantastic. And I want another one to stack them for an even greater pull

(Posted on 3/10/18)

Wow! Even better than I expected! And I expected a lot! Review by Ring

I've purchased from The Chain Gang before but it's been a few years. I've ALWAYS appreciated the top quality of your merchandise. I purchased this Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher because I've been stretching my nutsack on and off for 16 months. The "off" part of my stretching is usually because after a while the hard inner edge of my other split ring weights would cause discomfort on lower part of scrotum and upper "chicken neck" part of the bottom of penis shaft after a while. Well this amazing weight is large, heavy and super comfortable even for sleeping. I've worn it 24/7 since I got it 4 days ago and have only taken it off for cleaning and shaving my scrot. Since this puppy gives you more weight in a shorter height ring, I'll definitely be buying a second to stack for extra stretch. Kudos for carrying such a nice product! I'll look forward to you adding taller and heavier weights also for my future stretching!

(Posted on 3/6/18)

Love it Review by D

Really love this ball weight. Love the way it swings when I walk. This one is about a pound heavier than my previous one. The thing is that after having this for only three weeks, I already want more. I tried to wear the 2 that I have at the same time but WOW, 5 pounds was a bit to much.I would like to add about another pound so I have about 4 pounds swinging between my legs. Looks like i’ll have to place another order.

(Posted on 3/3/18)

Peur de la pesanteur Review by Pauluxx

Incroyable, quand j’ai reçu ma boîte ma femme m’a dit ,gros morceau
Je croyais bien commme elle
Et non je m’est l’anneau 40x34

Et je suis triste de devoir l’enlever, j’adore et je suis bien
Le bonheur

(Posted on 2/27/18)

Love this product Review by atlgacum

Just got this and absolutely love it. As a lot of us know, bigger is better. Very comfortable and very noticeable. The extra weight comes from extra thickness. Seems about twice as thick as the standard donut stretcher. Hoping you guys will add even larger sizes. Will post a picture soon with my standard 40mm on top of this heavy one.

(Posted on 2/16/18)

Abosultely fabulous Review by John

I'm so glad I took a chance on this. I was afraid it would be just another weight; I have lots of weights.
It's the same mass but only 1/3 the height of the weights I wore before. This means that now I can see and feel the exposed stretched skin all the time. I love it.
Not for novices, but definitely something to aspire to.

(Posted on 1/29/18)

Size menu incomplete on webpage Review by Anonymous

The size menu for ordering only listed 40mm lengths but the description shows lengths from 20mm to 80mm in increments of 10mm.

(Posted on 1/11/18)

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