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Guyon Urethral Sound Kit


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Guyon Urethral Sound Kit is a unique collection of urethral toys made for deep pleasure. The picture speaks a thousand words! This sound kit is not for the faint of heart. These are powerful urethral toys made for intense stimulation.

Guyon Urethral Sound Kit

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Guyon Urethral Sound Kit is a special collection of urethral toys made for the most experiences users. They are not for the faint of heart so it’s best to be used by those who are familiar with urethral stimulation.

This is a perfect kit for all serious sounders who wish to go to the maximum level and experience truly deep and intense stimulation.

The kit includes 15 smooth sounds that are made of 316L Surgical Steel and are measured in French, they start at 8 French going to 36 French in increments of 2 French as you go.

If you are looking for a collection of serious, intense urethral toys to take your sounding passion to the ultimate level, this is a perfect kit for you.

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Product Questions

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What is the length of the sounds in your

Guyon Urethral Sound Kit?
A review by Kenneth mentioned a Google book by a urologist that explained a 4 step process to get these into place. Haven't found any information yet on my own. Can anyone guide us to this information that Kenneth found?

Customer Reviews

a must have in your sounding arsenal Review by 1sounder

All I can say is wow!!!, I now have almost every sound set that’s out there and this set is by far my new favorite set. Take it slow and easy at first so that you learn just how to manipulate both the sound and your body and “feel your way” there are a few videos of these guyon sounds being used and I suggest that you watch them as they will give you an idea as to how the insertion is done or taking place. My first attempt I started out with my Van Buren set as I wanted to get into memory the direction and feeling of where the sound was so that when I used my guyon’s I could find that sweet spot easley.
Once the guyon was in place it was a whole new sensation....... I quickly grabbed a larger sound and lubed it up and swapped out size after size until I was using the largest one, it was out of this world!!!!! Yes these a pricy but you can’t put a price on your pleasure, so if you are ready for a whole new experience in sounding then get your set today. My next step is estim and vibrations....:)

(Posted on 3/11/18)

Amazing kick in the pants with these. Review by Juniuordad

Excellent quality and more enjoyment than I was hoping for. Try these and be amazed. You may want to do some homework regarding safe use of these before you start, then explore and enjoy.

(Posted on 6/1/16)

The Reviews are Right: These Are Mind Blowing Review by Steve

First of all, it needs to be said: Beginners Avoid.

If you are not familiar with the sensations of success - as in catheters or hegar sounds - then you will not know whether or not you're "on target" with these.

And being off target is bad. Very bad.

Also - if you need to use the smaller half of the set, you are probably too young to be buying these.

Okay - due diligence out of the way, these are outstanding. Awesome. Amazing in many ways.

They are not easy to get in. If you have any sort of erection, forget it. There are online videos of guys using these. Study them to learn, not to get off. But if you know what it's like to have a catheter snake its way around Cobb's curve, then you'll know when you've got it right. Taking time is good to enjoy the experience as much as it is to be safe. I respect this toy. You should too.

They absolutely will go into your bladder. I had great fun yesterday guiding two of the larger ones in, one after the other of course, and found resistance at the sphincter. But having a few inches of rod still sticking out the end of my special friend, I knew there was more fun to come. A deep breath, a relaxing thought, and just a little attention to releasing tension and that puppy snapped right in. Wow. Incredible wow. So wow, I pulled out, let go ...lather, rinse, repeat. I didn't want to do this too many times because it will upset the fragile tissues in the urethra, but oh man, if I didn't have that concern I could have done that for a long time and not gotten bored. In fact, I wanted to try the largest diameter I dared. Wow again. I do think I went a bit too far because I noticed there was a little faintly red dot on yesterdays cup jock this morning,* even though the mandatory post session urination didn't burn all that bad. That can happen with excessive stretching and irritation. Had there been a bright red dot or a red flow I would have been scared rather a bunch. The dot is my signal to be a bit more gentle next time. *Since one of my other fetishes is jocks, I've found that the compression of a cup is a comforting thing after a catheter or sounding session. Not everyone's cup of tea.

I've noticed that my stream is improved after a session with these. This is no surprise - the medical use of sounds is for precisely the purpose of enlarging the diameter of the urethra. Hey, whaddya works! This is not a trivial thing since I'm past 60 and my prostate is a lot bigger now than it was when I was a kid. Just a fact of life.

These sounds are therefore highly recommended. Used correctly, they are a ton of sensuous fun and good for you too, in my humble opinion. Final note: sterilize thoroughly. Drink cranberry juice before and after as a backup. Urinary tract infections suck. In the bad way. Play safe, have fun, enjoy the sensations your wonderful body can provide. And buy these sounds!!

(Posted on 5/15/16)

Excellent Sounds Review by Mack

These sounds, once you know how to insert them are mind blowing. Make sure when inserting that you go slooooow. If you have a small pee hole, use the largest sound able to accommodate it. The small sounds can be very dangerous, if not extremely careful ! Have fun but be careful. These are big boy toys.

(Posted on 11/27/15)

Great Product! Review by Will

This is a great product which works well for me!

(Posted on 6/26/15)

"Around the Curve and Into the Homestretch" Review by "GDRMR"

It takes some patience and practice to use these, as suggested by the summary. However, once the event happens; it is a unique experience. I have used e-stim with a 'TENS unit" and the feeling is extravagant o say the least. I have not reached orgasm simply by using these, but I am over 70 so I appreciate the fact that I can use them to get there with a little extra vibration. BTW the tuning forks add a wonderful stimulus also. If you have a ewa bucks, I would recommend the investment in the tuning forks for added pleasure.

(Posted on 6/7/15)

Whooo Hooo you are in for a ride with these guys Review by Roberb

These sounds are as mentioned in prior reviews "intense." Just looking at them is a mental trip in itself. I had seen the Guyon Sounds on a couple of web sites, but was unable to find them. Finally our Friends at The Chan Gang offered the complete set and I placed and immediate order. My first attempt at insertion was a bit "rocky" to say the least. You have to be patient and go slow due to the large curve, but once you get the process down and get one completely inserted, WOW! They are a bit pricey, but you get a complete set and they come in a nice zipper case for storage and easy viewing. It is quite impressive when you open the case and get ready for play.

(Posted on 4/25/14)

Intense metal monsters Review by Kenneth

These are indeed intense. I used a four step procedure to get the 24fr in, which I picked up from a Google Book written by a urologist. I needed all the steps. The feeling these produce- pure, deep, focused.

Want prostate stimulation? These guys will nestle into Cobb's curve like you just won't believe.

I think I'd stay clear of the first four or five sounds in the kit. They are too small, so the tips are too pointed. False passage is likely. If you don't know what "false passage" is, don't buy this kit until you educate yourself. No panic attack here, but these really can be dangerous.

The kit itself is high quality. Good carrying case- large flat case- has to be, because of the shape of the sounds. Good finish. All the individual pieces are marked in French units. Goes up plenty big.

I did try this with e-stim, pairing the flat end of one of these sounds and a sticky pad on the perineum. Oh my. That was a party.

One of the most expensive items in this section. Worth the $$, IMHO. Just don't get careless with these.

(Posted on 3/18/14)

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