Women Sounding

Women sounding or female sounding is a form of sexual urethral play practiced by women. While urethral stimulation can be done by people regardless of gender, it is often assumed that it’s something only men enjoy. While it is true that most urethral toys are designed with a penis in mind and while it is true that male urethral sounding offers some unique benefits (prostate massage, for example) it doesn’t mean that women sounding is unheard of. On the contrary: there are many ladies who like to stimulate their urethra and who find this type of sexual play very arousing.

Women sounding typically uses the same toys as male urethral sounding. Urethral sounds and other specialized urethral toys can be inserted into a female urethra. However, there are some special things to think about in order to prevent injuries and other problems. Keep in mind that female urethra is much shorter than male. It means that you should not shove urethral toys deep – even a few inches is enough for full stimulation. Also, some urethral toys might be too thick or intense for a female urethra so women sounding typically includes smaller urethral toys. It is also vital to use plenty of sterile lube in order to make the experience comfortable and pain-free.