Weaving (Surface)

Weaving (Surface) is a special type of surface piercing in which multiple holes are created in the skin. A single jewelry piece is then inserted into all of these holes, so it goes in and out of the skin several times. This creates a very effective weaving effect so this technique is named Weaving (Surface). In order to minimize problems associated with this method, it is important to wear flexible jewelry. Jewelry made of Tygon or nylon works the best because it is easiest to weave in and out of the skin. However, it is also possible to use special surface bars that are bent at specific angles. These are the best jewelry styles for Weaving (Surface) piercings.

Weaving (Surface) needs to be done by an experienced professional to minimize harm to the skin and to maximize the chances of the piercing lasting longer. Keep in mind that this is a piercing that puts a lot of pressure on the skin so chances of migration and rejection are very high. This is why it’s important to use special jewelry for this piercing. Keep in mind that even with the best care, Weaving (Surface) piercings are temporary so they generally need to be retired at some point.