Weaving (Ear)

Weaving (Ear) is a type of body modification that consists of several ear cartilage piercings that are connected by a single jewelry piece. Typical jewelry for ear weaving is a spiral barbell, but other options are also possible. Weaving (Ear) produces a very striking effect, because it truly looks like the jewelry weaves through the ear cartilage. These piercings are typically done on the helix of the ear, since it is the largest part of ear cartilage. However, it is also possible to have ear weaving at other points of the cartilage. To stay safe, it is always the best to request Weaving (Ear) on the helix. Keep in mind that all the piercings done on your ear need to be performed by a professional piercer. This is the only way to stay safe and to have your ear piercings heal properly.

Ear weaving can consist of any number of piercings. Generally speaking, you need to have at least three piercings to make them into Weaving (Ear). One piercing is just an individual piercing while two piercings connected by the same jewelry piece are typically known as Industrial piercings. In order to achieve the weaving effect of the jewelry going in and out of the ear cartilage, you will need three or more piercings. Keep in mind that the number of ear cartilage piercings included in the ear weaving and the distance between them will dictate the length of your jewelry piece. Also, if you choose to use spiral barbells, make sure to choose the one that has the same number of spirals as the number of your piercings. This is needed to achieve the proper weaving effect on your ear.