Viper Bites Piercing

Viper Bites piercing, also known as Spider bites, is a lip piercing that consist of two standard lip piercings made close together on the lower lip. It is possible to have Viper Bites piercings done either on the left or the right side of the lower lip. Viper Bites is probably better known as Spider Bites, which is one of the popular “bites” piercings. Bites piercings are special lip piercings that consist of two or four individual lip piercings. The piercings are made in specific placements to form a visual group. Other than the placement, the individual piercings that form bites piercings are the same as any other lip piercing. Typical jewelry for bites piercings are labrets. However, some people opt to use Captive Bead Rings, though this might depend on the exact placement of the piercings.

Viper Bites piercing consist of two individual lip piercings. To get a Viper Bites piercing, you need two individual piercings done on the lower lip. The piercings are made to the side and not centrally, so you can position your Viper Bites piercing either left or right. If you choose to have them on both sides of the lower lip it is actually a different type of bites piercings, known as Shark Bites. Another important characteristic of this placement is that the two piercings need to be done close together. Many people have one of the piercings done at the corner of the mouth and another a bit under that, but this is just one of the possible placements.