Vibrating Sounds

Vibrating sounds are urethral toys with a vibration that provides additional stimulation during use. There are many different types of vibrating sounds: they come in various sizes, shapes and textures. Vibrations are provided in numerous ways, typically using batteries. These sounds are excellent because they provide additional stimulation during use, which enhances pleasure even further. It is therefore not surprising that there are many men who regularly use vibrating sounds for their urethral play.

Vibrating sounds are great for adding something new to your urethral play. However, keep in mind that these are generally considered more intermediate urethral toys. It means that vibrating sounds are not recommended to beginners. Beginner users should start with regular (non-vibrating) urethral toys and move to vibrating ones only after they gain some experience with urethral stimulation and urethral toys. At the same time, there are many small and non-intimidating vibrating sounds so these toys are not made only for the most experienced users. As long as you know how to use regular urethral toys, chances are that you are ready to try vibrating sounds. However, make sure to choose only high-quality ones and always use plenty of lube. Use only vibrating toys specially made for urethral play. Using random objects or even vibrating sex toys not made for urethral play is very dangerous and can endanger your health.