Vertigo Flesh Claws

Vertigo flesh claws are specially designed jewelry pieces made for effective stretching of piercings. These claws allow for a comfortable and pain-free stretching of earlobe piercings and other piercing types. Claws are effective tools that can also double as body jewelry because they allow you to stretch your piercing gradually and without discomfort. A good thing about vertigo flesh claws is that they start at a rounded point and then go to a specified size. It means that you can gradually move the claw to the thicker end and stretch your piercing comfortably and without pain. This gradual stretching also prevents sudden stretches and over-stretching.

Vertigo flesh claws are typically made of glass but they come in many other organic materials. It is also possible to find them in metal materials. These are similar to other claws and similar stretching jewelry pieces. The main difference is the decoration. Vertigo flesh claws have a distinctive twisted stripe design around the edge. This is a nod to the movie Vertigo, hence the name. The twists and other decorations are typically available in many different colors so you can choose your favorite. This is a great way to stretch your ears gradually and to have attractive jewelry pieces for your stretched earlobes.