Vertical Tragus

Vertical tragus is a rare ear cartilage piercing. It is a variation of a regular tragus piercing. Tragus is a small projection in front of the ear canal. It is possible to pierce this part if the projection is prominent enough. Tragus piercing is a very popular ear cartilage piercing and it is ideal for those looking for a more unusual ear piercing that is also somewhat discreet. Those who wish to take one step further and be truly original may choose a vertical tragus piercing instead of a typical placement. In order to accommodate this piercing you need to have a very prominent tragus. Typical jewelry for a vertical tragus piercing is a curved barbell.

Keep in mind that most piercings that look like a vertical tragus are in fact surface piercings positioned right in front of the tragus. It is possible to perform these piercings and they can look very beautiful but keep in mind that these are prone to rejections. This is why it’s so important to find a reliable piercer with plenty of experience performing ear cartilage piercings. You need someone who is familiar with vertical tragus piercings to choose the best placement that will minimize the risk of migration and rejection. Just like a true vertical tragus, these piercings typically use curved barbells as jewelry.