Vaginal Jewelry

Vaginal jewelry is any piercing jewelry specially made for vaginal piercings. There is some confusion what “vaginal piercing” actually means, though. A vaginal piercing is a female genital piercing that goes at least partially through the vagina. Most female genital piercings are not vaginal – they go through other structures, such as labia or clitoral hood. In fact, only some rare piercings go through vaginal tissue and can be called vaginal: Fourchette piercing (through the lower edge of the vagina and on the perineum) and Princess Albertina piercing (through the urethra and has its exit through the vagina).

In this sense, vaginal jewelry can be Fourchette jewelry and Princess Albertina jewelry. Typical jewelry for a Fourchette piercing is a curved barbell or a Captive Bead Ring. However, some women opt to have a straight barbell as their jewelry. Typical jewelry for Princess Albertina is a Captive Bead Ring. There is also a very rare vaginal piercing – hymen piercing. Typical jewelry for a hymen piercing is a Captive Bead Ring, though with such a rare piercing it is difficult to say what kind of vaginal jewelry is “typical”. As noted above, most female genital piercings are not vaginal but they use common jewelry pieces such as straight barbells, curved barbells, circular barbells and Captive Bead Rings.