Urethral Training

Urethral training is a process of slowly stretching one’s urethra for the purpose of inserting urethral toys. Urethral training and stretching is a necessary step for those who wish to fully enjoy urethral sounding and other types of urethral play. While you may start experimenting with urethral toys before training, it is usually necessary to train your urethra properly if you want to insert thicker and longer urethral toys. Never attempt to do this without a proper preparation and gradual stretching! Going too fast or with a force will only result in injuries and other problems. Urethral training is a process that takes time so you need to be patient. Luckily, it is mainly a fun activity because you are experimenting with urethral stimulation while slowly stretching your urethra.

While you may use regular urethral toys for training, keep in mind that the safest and fastest way to go is with special urethral stretchers. These urethral trainers (also known as urethral training toys and urethral stretchers) are specially designed urethral toys made for safe and comfortable stretching. They usually include segments of varying thickness so you can slowly build your way toward larger diameters. This is the best way to stretch your urethra gradually and with full comfort and safety so urethral trainers and stretchers are recommended for proper urethral training results.