Urethral Toy

Urethral toy is a specially designed sex toy made for urethral stimulation. These are inserted into the urethra for the purpose of sexual arousal and pleasure. Urethral play is still not widely known as a sexual practice but there are many people who like to do it on a regular basis. Since this is an activity that brings certain risks it is very important to stay safe and do everything you can to prevent injuries. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use only specialized adult toys made for urethral stimulation. These urethral toys are specially designed to fit a human urethra perfectly and without discomfort. High-quality urethral toys are made of safe materials that will not irritate your urethra or cause further problems. Both men and women can use urethral toys, though sometimes not the same models.

The most popular types of urethral toys are urethral sounds and penis plugs. Urethral sounds tend to be longer and smoother. They are modeled after real instruments that doctors use for urethral examinations. This is why urethral sounds are popular among those who like medical fetish, though all fans of urethral stimulation can use them. There are several common types of urethral sounds: Hegar, Pratt, Rosebud, Dittle, Van Buren, Pratt, Hank, Guyon, and more. Some sounds are shorter and good for beginners while others are longer and made for prostate stimulation. The other common type of urethral toys are penis plugs. These are typically shorter than urethral sounds and come in more varied shapes, sizes and textures. Many penis plugs include a glans ring for additional stimulation during use.