Urethral Stretcher

Urethral Stretcher is a handy urethral toy used for enlarging the urethra so it can accept larger toys. Urethral stretchers are also known as urethral trainers because this is exactly what they do: they train your urethra to become larger. Urethral stretchers resemble regular urethral toys but they are specially designed to provide gradual and pain-free stretching for the urethra. While stretching and training can be done with regular urethral toys it is much more effective to use a good urethral stretcher. These stretchers are specially designed for the purpose of urethral stretching so they do it gradually and in the safest possible manner.

There are many different types and designs of urethral stretchers. A typical urethral stretcher has a body that consists of gradual segments. The top one is typically the thinnest while the others are gradually bigger. By inserting first the smallest segment you are slowly stretching the urethra and training it to accept urethral toys. When you are used to the first segment and when your urethra can accept it without a problem you should move to the larger segments. This is the best and most comfortable way to stretch your urethra. Once the urethra is stretched it will be able to accept larger urethral toys such as sounds and bigger penis plugs.