Urethral Stimulation

Urethral stimulation is a sexual activity that involves stimulation of the urethra. Also known as urethral play and urethral sounding, this is a very intense form of sexual stimulation that many people enjoy. While most people who like urethral stimulation are men, it is important to say that women, too, like urethral play. Urethral stimulation involves inserting special toys into the urethra for the purpose of arousal and sexual pleasure. When the toy rubs against the urethral walls it creates pleasurable sensations. Urethral stimulation can also lead to stronger orgasms and to a completely new way to experience pleasure. For men, it can be used for direct prostate stimulation, which many men find extremely arousing.

Urethral stimulation is done with special toys known as urethral toys. It is crucial to only use these devices for urethral play and to stay away from random objects, household items or sex toys that are not made specifically for urethral stimulation. The most popular urethral toys are urethral sounds and penis plugs. Urethral sounds are modeled after real medical instruments doctor use so they also appeal to people with a medical fetish. Penis plugs are typically smaller and more varied urethral toys. There are also some additional urethral toys to try, such as urethral stretchers, urethral trainers, sperm stoppers and Prince’s wands.