Urethral Plugs

Urethral plugs are generally known as “penis plugs”. These are among the most popular and common urethral toys. The best thing about urethral plugs is that they come in many different shapes. They tend to be shorter than urethral sounds and many of them come with a texture or a glans ring. Many urethral plugs are ideal for beginners who want to learn how to perform urethral play. On the other hand, urethral plugs are also great for experienced users who want to enjoy specific sensations. Penis plugs are very varied in shapes, sizes and designs. This variation is a great thing for those who want to try different sensations.

An ideal urethral plug for beginners is the one that has a classic design. Classic urethral plugs tend to be shorter, perfectly smooth and easy to insert. Many penis plugs also come with a cum thru hole so all the fluids can pass freely. Other urethral plugs are solid so they don’t allow the semen to be ejaculated from the penis. Some specialized urethral plugs also include waves or other heavy textures; they may have flexible parts or include a vibrating function. Some of the most popular urethral plugs are the ones with a glans ring that serves a double function: it keeps a penis plug securely inside and it provides additional stimulation for the wearer.