Transverse Lobe

Transverse lobe, also known as transverse lobe piercing, is an earlobe piercing that goes horizontally through the earlobe. Unlike the regular lobe piercing in which the earlobe is pierced front to back, a transverse lobe piercing is much longer. It goes from one edge of the earlobe to the other edge. The piercing is positioned horizontally through the earlobe, but this angle can be a bit different depending on your anatomy and the chosen placement. Some people have transverse lobe piercings that are slightly angled or go almost diagonally through the lobe. What is important for this piercing is that the piercing hole goes through the whole tissue of the earlobe, from one edge to the other. It makes a transverse lobe piercing relatively long. While this is not a particularly complex piercing, the fact that it is so long does make it somewhat sensitive. This is something you need to keep in mind if you wish to get a transverse lobe piercing.

Transverse lobe piercings are not as common as some other ear piercing types but there are many people who like them so they are relatively popular. It is also good to know that you can have a transverse lobe piercing along with other earlobe piercings. Typical jewelry for a transverse lobe piercing is a long straight barbell. Depending on the shape of the earlobe, the piercer may choose to use curved piercing needle, in which case you need to use curved barbells as transverse lobe jewelry.