Transverse Lobe Piercing

Transverse lobe piercing is an earlobe piercing done horizontally through the earlobe. This is different than a typical earlobe piercing that goes from front to back of the earlobe. A transverse lobe piercing goes through the whole length of the earlobe, horizontally. It creates a much longer piercing so it is a bit more complex than a regular lobe piercing. However, this is not considered a very serious piercing so it is a good way to have a more unusual ear piercing without going for something extreme. Since this is an earlobe piercing it is not particularly painful and most reliable piercers can do it without a problem. A great thing about a transverse lobe piercing is that you can get it even if you already have a regular lobe piercing.

Typically, a transverse lobe piercing is done with a 14 gauge or 16 gauge straight needle. However, people with attached earlobes might be pierced with a curved needles. The choice of the needle will determine the shape of the hole and the type of jewelry you need to use. Typical jewelry for a transverse lobe piercing is a straight barbell. However, if you were pierced with a curved needle you will need to use a curved barbell.