Transscrotal Procedure

Transscrotal procedure is a body modification done on the scrotum, in which a hole is made through the entire scrotum and jewelry is placed inside the hole. This is similar to a piercing, so it is sometimes considered a type of a scrotum piercing. However, Transscrotal procedures are much more complex and extreme than regular scrotum piercings. While a common scrotum piercing goes only through the skin of the scrotum, Transscrotal procedures go through the entire scrotum. In order to do this, a piercer has to use more complex techniques that typically involve a scalper. This is much more serious than a simple piercing on the skin. A result of a Transscrotal procedure is a large gauge hole that splits the scrotum. The hole enters on one side of the scrotum and exits on the other.

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Transscortal Procedure

A Transscrotal procedure follows special rules. It is important to remember that Transscrotal procedures are very complex and not all piercing artists can perform them. These are not ordinary piercings: a Transscrotal procedure involves cutting skin and tissue with a scalpel. Your piercer will first decide on the best placement and mark the area. After this, they will sterilize the area and proceed with the procedure. The incision is made with a scalpel and the hole is always large gauge: minimum 2 gauge, though it can be larger. In order for the procedure to be a success it is important to use correct stitching. Typical jewelry for a Transscrotal procedure is a plug or large gauge Captive Bead Ring and barbell.

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