Transscrotal Piercing

Transscrotal piercing, also known as transscrotal procedure, is an extreme piercing that goes through the entire tissue of scrotum from front to back. This is different than simple scrotal piercings that only go through the skin. A transscrotal piercing goes through the whole scrotum so this is considered a very intense and extreme genital piercing. In fact, since most transscrotal piercings are made using a scalpel and not a simple piercing needle, these are not considered piercings in the basic sense of the word. Transscrotal piercings are specific body modifications that are considered much more complex than a piercing. This is why a common name for these piercings is “transscrotal procedure”.

Transscrotal piercings are done with a scalpel and produce a large gauge hole. This hole basically splits the scrotum. The hole goes from one side of the scrotum, typically the front, and exits on the other (typically the back). Since this is a large gauge hole the only jewelry pieces suitable for a transscrotal piercing is a large gauge jewelry such as ear plugs. Some people opt for large gauge Captive Bead Rings or, even rarer, large gauge barbells. Typically, a transscrotal piercing is done at 2 gauge or even more. It is also possible to stretch your transscrotal piercing to even large gauges.